Saturday, September 8, 2012

Butt Bench Review

One of the places I enjoy spending time in my home is in my Bathtub,I like taking relaxing bubble baths & hot showers but the one thing I don't like about my shower is the lack of space to put shampoo,bubble bath,bath salts,ect so I was very happy to learn about a product called Butt Bench. What is a Butt Bench? Butt Bench is a sturdy, high-quality patent-pending bathtub seat made of natural wood. This tub seat supports your weight – use it to make shaving easier, or sit down, relax, and turn your shower into a sauna. Butt Bench is also a great bathtub storage ledge!

Above you can see my Butt Bench & my assortment of bath products,The Butt bench was easy to install because all you need to do is set it on the back of your bathtub & make sure the suction cups are pressed up against the wall then you're done. For my review I received the Ceder bench The timeless beauty of a natural Cedar Wood, sealed with a water-proof finish, adds elegance to any bathroom. The Cedar Butt Bench can create a relaxing zen or spa-like feel in your bathroom. Use it to make shaving easier, or sit down, relax, and turn your shower into a sauna.

I must confess that I love my Butt Bench I received the Butt Bench before I became pregnant which is when I mainly used it for keeping my bath products on but now that my baby belly is growing bigger it is helpful for shaving my legs,or sitting down to relax while taking a hot bath. I have also used the bench to sit on while soaking my feet for a pedicure! It can be used for a number of purposes and is a very safe product to use,I have never once worried about it falling,moving or sliding off of my tubs ledge. The Butt Bench can hold up to 300LBS & is made in the USA you can pick from four different benches for your bathtub. The shipping was fast,the bench arrived in perfect condition & their customer service is very friendly. ****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Butt Bench for the Review free of charge****

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