Saturday, June 9, 2012

I am a Coppertone Water MOM!

As the days grow hotter the worry about sunburns goes larger,Last summer I learned my lesson about wearing sun block when even taking a long car ride weather you have air conditioning or not.Last summer I went for a two hour drive to pick up a friend and bring her back during that time my left arm got sunburned from being in the sun for a long period of time,I had a funny tan on just my left arm for the rest of the summer,So this summer I always remember to have Coppertone sunscreen either in my truck or in my purse so I can protect myself from sunburns & bad tans.

This summer I am lucky enough to be part of the Coppertone Water Moms Squad! I was recently sent a summer tote bag with "Coppertone Water Moms" on the front which was filled with samples sizes of Coppertone water babies,A water bottle,Beach ball,& two large cans of sunblock one is spray on & the other is foam. My daughter has recently began swimming lessons at one of the local public pools/community centers so I always make sure to pack a outdoor/swim bag when we head off to her classes,What is included in the bag? A few water bottles,sunblock,a hat to protect her head and face from the sun,a towel,light snack & a small first aid kit along with a spare set of dry clothing for her to change into.My daughter normally doesn't like to put on any lotions,sunblocks or sunscreens but that all changed when we tried the Water Babies Foaming Lotion. My daughter absolutely loves it,She enjoys how it turns from a foam into a lotion & likes "smooshing" it onto her skin as she calls it,She giggles with excitement & is more than happy to put on her sunscreen now which makes me one happy momma.

I like to keep the spray sunblock in my truck because it is easy to use on the go & doesn't require me to rub it in this is nice for when I go on long car rides or even when I am just on my way home from work. I find that I like the spray best because I hate the way sunblock feels on my hands it normally leaves my hands feeling very greasy but I have found that both the Wet n clear spay & foaming Coppertone water babies does not leave my hands with that nasty feeling. I had a great time handing out the samples to the other parents at my daughters swim practice many parents weren't using or forgot their sunblock so it is always good to have some on hand. The tote bag I received is large & holds all of our summer time needs including towels,sunblock,snacks,drinks,extra clothing & pool toys or park toys depending on where we are going.*** I am a Coppertone water MOM & receive the products above for free as a member of the group all opinions are my own & may vary from others***


  1. It is very important to stay safe in the sun don't forget to drink plenty of water

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