Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oral B Mommy Party

I was very happy to get the chance to host another Mommy Party yesterday afternoon my friends & their children [Ages 1 1/2 - 5] all came over for an Oral B party. My Mommy party Oral B kit included Tooth Paste,Tooth brushes,Whinne the Pooh body wash,Oral B balloons,Popcorn holders,Popcorn,Ticket style invites,Coupons & The new Whinne the Pooh movie for the kids to watch & enjoy. AS per request of the parents who would like their children Un photographed & Anonymous There will only be pictures provided of those who have given me permission to do so.

I had a fun time putting together each child's goodie bag & getting the house decorated I was a little worried the kids might fight over which tooth paste they wanted or which color tooth brush they wanted but I was very happy that none of the children seemed to care when we opened our goodie bags they just wanted to brush their teeth. The afternoon started out with the kids running around the house playing,screaming laughing & having a great time my house was hectic but we were having a good time,While the children were playing all the mommies gathered around to talk about Our children's brushing habits,what age they took their children to the dentist for the first time if they have taken them or when they plan to,& other subjects about our kids.Every mom at the party has heard of Oral B but not all of them have tried the brand when it comes to Childrens tooth paste, I personally have been buying Oral B since starting my daughter on a good brushing routine. I was very happy & very surprised to see all of the kids enjoying brushing their teeth at the party many of the children were more than excited to sit down in a big group & brush their teeth in my living room as seen below.

After all the kids brushed their teeth & checked out their goodie bags we played a fun game of Oral B flash cards with simple brushing habit questions,Last but not least we all sat down to un-wind & watch Whinne the pooh before everyone went home.Some of the mothers said the movie seemed rather short but we were also talking a lot while the movie was playing. I enjoyed the fact that the movie had 'Older' graphics which looked hand drawn instead of digitally animated it really brought back watching whinne the pooh as a kid.At the end of the movie we asked the children what their favorite part of the movie was & who their favorite character was Most of the children couldn't pick just one part to be the part they liked most because they loved the movie as a Whole,Character wise Pooh Bear,Piglet & Tigger received the most votes. All of our visitors small & tall enjoyed the party the older kids were wanting to know when they could come back to play again it was very adorable. My daughter watched the movie again this morning she really enjoys watching the movie,I look forward to being able to host another Mommy Party. **This was not a paid post opinions used are my own & those who attended my Oral B party.I want to personally thank Oral B & Mommy Parties for providing me the kits necessary to host this party.****


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