Sunday, October 23, 2011

Upcoming Holidays

It is almost the end of October which means it is time for the Holidays Halloween,Thanksgiving,Christmas & everything in between I have been working on ideas for all of you this year & have some great giveaways & reviews planned for my Holiday Shopping Guide 2011.

Posts for the Holiday Shopping Guide will start being posted next week,I know Halloween hasn't past yet but I would like to give everyone time to enter the giveaways while allowing time for the prizes to arrive before the Holidays,You can expect the Holiday Guide posts to begin on October 28th. On a side note I am looking for new Ad sponsors for the Winter until November 8th I will be offering a special Ad package for all Small shop owners,Etsy shop owners & Site owners for $25 you will get One months worth of ad space [125 x 125 Ad],A blog post about your site/shop & a Tweet directly to your blog,shop or specific item[You choose] this package will give you a lot of great exposure. If you are a company,Small shop owner or Etsy owner you can message me at Burningmoonproducts [@] if your interested in the package.

If your a blog I would love to work with you on a giveaway train or event,Contact me if interested.

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