Thursday, October 20, 2011

Diamond Candles Review

I love candles but I do not get to buy them often,Why? Many times the candles I think smell nice are out of my price range but I found a website that makes the price of the candle seem like nothing, You may be wondering why that is & I am here to let you know. Diamond candles sells a variety of scented Soy candles each has a Mystery ring waiting inside that ranges in price from $5 to $10,000 which is a deal you can't beat along with the fun it brings.

For my review I was sent One Strawberry Bliss Candle,as soon as I knew the candle was shipped I was very excited for the candle to arrive because yes I mainly wanted to see how my ring would look,I knew that even if I didn't get a ring I liked I would still own a great new candle.The first thing I noticed once the candle was out of the box is it smells amazing even my hubby commented on how great the candle smelt. It took about an twenty minutes for the candle to burn down to the ring [Mine was almost at the very top so I didn't have as long of a wait time like others have had] my ring was a bit small for my finger & isn't quite my 'style' so I let my daughter use it for her dress up. The candle itself is worth the price,the candle is large,smells delicious & lasts for hours I have had mine lit five different nights for 5+ hours & there is still more than half of the candle left their website suggests that it can burn for 125-160 hours of fragrance which I believe is absolutely true. The only thing I could see about these candles that I don't really like is the fact that there isn't a way to pick a candle with a ring size,If you have a larger ring size & end up with a 5 or 6 then your forced to give the ring away. Over all I am very happy with my candle from Diamond rings & I would buy from them again I have mentioned their website to fellow candle lovers at work. If you are curious to see what kind of rings have been found you can head over to their Facebook page to check out customer photos of their candles & rings. Diamond candles are a fun,well thought out product & would make an excellent gift for any occasion.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Diamond candles for the Review free of charge****


  1. How cool! I have never heard of a product like this. I would probably have a heart attack if I found a $10k ring in my candle!

  2. I've heard of these before. I've wanted one for so long!