Tuesday, September 20, 2011

wholesalehalloweencostumes.com Review

This next review is one of my daughters favorite items she has been able to review. I was able to work with wholesalehalloweencostumes.com on a review of a Batgirl toddler costume. This will be my daughters first Halloween where she will be able to better understand Trick or Treating, Last year she was almost two & refused to wear her costume for most of the night so this year I decided to let her pick her own costume to give her more of a motive to wear a costume. I pulled up the toddler Halloween costumes & gave her the choice to choose what she wanted to be.

My daughter ended up picking the Batgirl toddler costume.The costume arrived a lot faster than I had expected so I was excited for her to try it on to see how it looked,As soon as it was out of the box she wanted it on. Let me just say she hasn't been this excited about an outfit since I bought her a ballerina outfit, The first thing she wants to do in the morning when she wakes up is put on her batgirl costume & watch batman. This costume is very well put together soft materials,Easy to put on & take off everything is perfect the only small thing I noticed was that the mask makes small marks on her forehead but I have a plan to put a little bit of foam under the mask to prevent it from happening. I also think this costume is very reasonably prices only $25 for the Dress,Cape,Belt,Two arm bands & two Leg/Boot covers. Aside from just toddler costumes they also offer other Batman costumes for all ages.

Shown above is a photo of my daughter in her new batgirl costume along with the packaging,this costume is very true to the picture shown.I do suggest putting black shorts or leggings under this costume when worn for a while or while my daughter is running around she sometimes pulls up her belt which causes the batgirl dress to pull up showing off her underwear,I simply fixed this by adding Black tights under the dress which will also help keep her warm on Halloween night. I am very satisfied with this costume & I know my daughter will get many wears for it as she prepares to Halloween to draw closer there is enough room for her to wear this costume for a few months before it gets too small. Head over to check out what other costumes wholesalehalloweencostumes.com offers for you this Halloween season.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by wholesalehalloweencostumes.com for the Review free of charge****


  1. Well at least you're prepared for Halloween. I always say I'm going to order my costumes for my kids ahead and that I'll be ready to go. Somehow every year, without fail, I end up procrastinating. Her costume is adorable by the way. :)

  2. Awwe, your daughter is adorable!!! I hope she has an awesome Halloween!!! Thanx for the review, I am totally gonna check this site out for my little man!!! :)

  3. Wow they have some really great deals! I still have 2 halloween costumes to buy yet so I think I will see if they have what I am looking for.
    Angela Michels
    lilsweeper76 at yahoo dot com

  4. Your daughter looks very happy as bat girl :)