Thursday, July 7, 2011

Plastic Jungle

Recently I found a website called Plastic jungle,At first when I heard the name I thought of plastic house hold items,ect though I learned its a website where you can buy,sell & trade gift cards.

We all know every once in a while a friend or relative gives you a gift card to a store you might not shop at,don't like or maybe you don't have one close to where you live so what do you do with it besides keep it in your wallet for a just in case day? Now you can sell the gift card on their site to either make cash profit or get a gift card you will actually use.You can also buy gift cards at a discount price for example you can buy a $50 best buy gift card for $47.50 which saves you a few dollars.They have a decent selection of gift cards & will get more as people sell them to the website so why not chip in your old unused gift card to Plastic jungle? ***Please not I have not personally worked with this company in exchange for anything in review ,I am just sharing a new site with you***

I work early today so tomorrow I will be sharing a New giveaway & Giveaway winners with you so keep your eyes out & don't forget to enter my current running giveaways.


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