Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nordic Ware Review

One of the things i love to do is to cook food for my Family & Friends,The part I love isn't necessarily cooking the food but seeing everyone enjoy the food & hearing the feedback about what they think so having a variety of pots & pans is quite helpful.

For a recent review I worked with a company called Nordic Ware,Until earlier this year I was not aware of Nordic Ware but I am certainly happy I know about them now because their products are amazing.For my review I received an Asian Wok & A Kettle Smoker Indoor / Outdoor Cooker.The first one used was the Wok it is a very popular & very used pan in our home we used to own a wok but after many many uses the inside coating started peeling & the pan started to slightly rust so we decided to replace it,now we have our New Wok which has Temperature resistant handle. Non-stick interior. 7-quart capacity we love this wok it is easy to clean,& easy to store.This wok is quite large so you can make meals for a larger number of guests or family members without any issues.

A new cookware item to our collection is the Kettle Smoker Indoor / Outdoor Cooker,Here is a description of the smoker from their website "Get outdoor smoked results indoors when cooking meat, seafood, vegetables, and even pizza! The nonstick finish makes clean up a breeze. Made of aluminized steel and features a porcelain enamel exterior. Includes high-domed cover for large capacity, water pan for moist, flavorful smoked food, a nonstick smoking rack, adjustable smoke vent, thermometer" One of the things I love is that is has wood chips & a recipe booklet already included in the box. Now I do have to admit I have not been able to use this for its intended purpose yet but we have used various parts to cook with the bottom pan is perfect for cooking noodles,& stews in,Along with the bottom & the smoking rack it can also be used to make regular steamed veggies.We have also found that the lid fits perfectly snug on our Asian wok the small vent hole helps cook noodles in certain dishes to a perfect texture.Nordic Ware also offers many other styles of pots,pans & cooking ware they have a fast responding customer service & shipping was excellent I would love to own more Nordic Ware cooking ware & hope to work with them again in the future.I will post a follow up review once we are able to smoke some meat in our Kettle smoker.Feel free to check out their website to see everything they have to offer.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Nordic Ware for the Review free of charge****

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