Friday, June 17, 2011

Budget Gadgets Review

I am getting prepared for a long & relaxing weekend,My mother will be taking my daughter on a three day camping trip which will give me time to sort through all my old emails,clean the house & work on new items for my etsy shop on top of that I have Saturday-Tuesday up in which I will be doing various things for Fathers day & my Fiances birthday coming up.Today I wanted to share a review with you,as you all know part of being a blogger who does reviews & giveaways we always tell the truth both the good & bad though I hate the times I have to say something bad.

I recently had a chance to work with a company called Budget Gadgets on a review,For my review I received a Magic Kaleidoscope Colorful Star Night Light,On their website the night light looks wonderful I was excited to receive it the night light arrived fast which was a good sign,I had it all set up & ready to plug in everything seemed fine,Once plugged in the light only let off very little light which was a little disappointing which is when I realized the night light arrived broken,There is supposed to be a blue plastic ring locate around the top of the light that holds the top black circle with moon/star on it up so the light can shine through it but the blue ring was missing & the black circle was logged inside of the light,It was an easy fix though I took the black piece out & used black electric tape to secure the piece onto the light now the light works much better.

The Magic Kaleidoscope Colorful Star Night Light,Gives off a good amount of light for the size of the night light,The light also has two settings a white setting or a color setting which my daughter likes to switch on & off.Though the product arrived broken it was easy to fix,& like all companies it would also be sent back but I am a handy person so Id rather fix it then wait for it to be sent back & forth,That being said I would work with this company again.I enjoy using this product & it makes my Toddler happy so I am satisfied with the product.Budget Gadgets also offers cameras,chargers,& other products.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Budget Gadgets for the Review free of charge****


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    hope your daughter enjoys her camping trip and sees lot of real stars in the sky

  2. I cannot wait to to take my baby camping - she is 14 months a bit young yet. I have a star projector thing for her and she loves it. Well done for fixing the broken gadget and honest review - its refreshing!!!

  3. you shouldnt feel bad about having to explain the negatives about a company it helps the people like me know which sites to shop from & which we might try to avoid and many of us know that sometimes company products do arrive broken even from bigger companies like amazon. I love your reviews and hope you continue poting them

  4. good to see you found a way of fixing it instead of dealing with the pain of shipping it back then waiting for a new one i have had to do that before and it was a hassel, good photos to go along with everything i like the second picture the two moons look neat

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