Friday, April 1, 2011

Update & News

I know I have kind of 'Poofed' for a bit of time, I will be returning to blogging,reviews & giveaways within the next week as many of you know I recently moved & it took some time to get settled into the new place what many of you do not know is that my family & I came down with a horrible cold which made all of us couch bound for a few days,I have been going through a break up/divorce my fiance of over three years came home one day to tell me he no longer wishes to be part of a family that he is too young to be held down by us & needs to experience life so I have been dealing with room mate hunting,picking up extra hours at work ect to keep everything held together.

Things are gradually getting better so I will be jumping back into my work soon.

Update 04/20: We have been working on our relationship issues & we are slowly fixing everything we are back together my DH was just going through a midlife crisis in his twenties.