Thursday, February 3, 2011

Done with our Move!

Hello to All my lovely blog followers,

Sorry for the lack in posts the last few days,My computer has been unplugged & packed in a box we just got settled into our new apartment,We are still in the process of unpacking & putting things away while still both maintaining our work schedule plus extra house errands,BUT I will be taking the time to go through & catch up on my blog work along with working on new things for my etsy shop.

Hope everyone is doing well & that you will stop by for my new posts soon,The weather has been quite chilly the last 24 hours so I hope all of you are bundling up to help prevent colds.Wishing you all the best.



  1. Where do you live? It's freezing here in Canada. We have a ton of snow! Blah. I miss summer.

  2. Congratulations for the move Luna! :)
    A warm hug to encourage you for the last houseworks ^^