Friday, January 21, 2011

Votre Vu Review

I have always adorable Pairs,I love the Eiffel tower I have many photos of it in my home so when I was asked to do a Review for a company called Votre Vu. Paris ~ France I was very happy to accept.For my review I was sent the following: A Votre Sante - Elixir Essentiel,Portrait Collar - Restorative neck creme, & Attentive - Creme De Jour Sensitive Skin.

Wow where to begin? Since it is the first thing you see let's talk about the packaging there isn't much more that I can say besides it is very attractive If i was merely shopping in a store & seen these packages on the shelf I would stop to look at them.They have a Gold/White floral pattern box with their Logo,& on the top of their box is their 'V' logo which looks like a Wax seal though its really part of the packaging,Inside the box is the same pattern but its red.When I opened the A Votre Sante - Elixir Essentiel It smelled great I was immediately interested in the product though I wasn't sure what it did,The directions on the package says "Shake Well,Close your eyes & Spray Liberally all over face,Anywhere,Anytime.Mist Lightly to set Make-up.Enjoy Immediate hydration & sudden relief.Some call it an instant personality boost." I didn't want to spray it on my face at first because I didn't know if it would smell like the box when I opened it after it was sprayed so I sprayed it on my chest.One spray goes a long ways & smells great you get a nose full of a Floral Citrus scent I really enjoy how it smells because it is not over whelming I plan on keeping this in my purse for those days when I need an extra boost at work.The bottle is the perfect size I do have an over sized fabric bag I tote around so I have plenty of room but I keep a lot of stuff in it so I need small/medium items for it & the A Votre Sante - Elixir Essentiel is perfect.

Next I tried the Attentive - Creme De Jour Sensitive Skin again this smells amazing! This product is light & does not leave my face feeling greasy,Shiny or Tight/Dry like some skin treatments do I love testing out new skin care products to find which suits me best I often have problems with my nose/cheeks becoming very dry & regular lotion doesn't work but the Attentive - Creme De Jour Sensitive Skin feels great & makes my skin look fantastic,I think I have found my new favorite daily skin care cream though I feel bad for pushing my old one aside but The Attentive - Creme De Jour Sensitive Skin is very much worth it.The Portrait Collar - Restorative neck creme is supposed to help combat sagging tissues,diminish dreadful lines & promote youthful looking skin I haven't used it on my neck yet but I did rub a little bit info my hand,it is another of Votre Vu's fabulous smelling products & doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy or oily it is the perfect smooth texture.I loved the chance to work with Votre Vu & Hope to do so again in the future their products are magical & makes you feel like your in an at home spa getting all of the personal attention you need,They also offer a Mens Line.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Votre Vu for the Review****


  1. Hi - Traci Kuhn from Votre Vu here. Thank you so much for your review of the products. Of course I love them and I get so excited when I meet a new fan of our brand. Your jewelry is beautiful and I so need to check out that Eiffel Tower necklace!

  2. The "c'est la vie - slimming system total" is the funnies name i've ever seen! :D Lovely shop and review :D
    J'adore la France :D

  3. This stuff sounds amazing. My whole family has sensitive skin so it's hard to find good products. My mom would fall in love with this.

  4. Stephy, you can email me for more information on Vorte Vue. I look forward to hearing from you.

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