Saturday, January 15, 2011

Educational Toy Planet Review

I finally have everything caught up email & blog wise when it comes to sending out notifications & sponsor emails now I can get back to my normal blog schedule,I also have a good percent of my packing for the move already done things are looking good.

I have a review to share with you today before todays review/giveaway.I am part of the Educational Toy Planet mommy blogger's team,I was recently sent my first toy to review with my two year old daughter.I was sent a Linking Loops Classic Bead & Wire Maze I was excited for my daughter to play with this toy,Why? I remember when I used to go to doctors offices,the dentist ect with my parents when I was a kid the waiting rooms were always boring but I looked forward to playing with the wire mazes they had,It is a very simple toy but it is a ton of fun.The Linking Lopps Classic Bead & Wire Maze can be found in the Motor Skills section of Educational Toy Planet.The Linking Loops helps children with expand the following Skills: Manipulative Skills, Counting, Colors Recognition, Hand/Eye Coordination.My daughter is at the stage where she is everywhere playing with everything so she hardly ever sits down to play with one specific toy for a set amount of time,but she does enjoy sitting down moving the beads across the wire to get them to the other side,I like the fact that both wires are extremely different from the other one is short,& sweet with a little bit of a wave & the other is long,twisty & intertwined with the other.The Linking Loops Classic Bead & Wire Maze is light weight so it is easy for my daughter to carry around with her,since it is small it is easy to take along on car rides to keep my daughter happy when we are running errands or going on a long trip.This really is a classic toy I look forward to keeping this toy for years to come & hope that when our son comes into this world he will enjoy it as well.

Educational Toy Planet offers toys for all Age ranges,the site is easy to navigate with everything put into age groups & categories such as Motor Skills,Math toys,Arts & Crafts plus many more but best of all everything is at affordable prices.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Educational Toy Planet for the Review****


  1. Wish i could be a kid again! :D
    Look at this Play Parachute!!
    I tried to build me a Parachute with an old blanket once.. my leg still hurts XD

  2. The linking loops is really interesting to play. I wonder if I could find one near here in our place. I'll be recommending to my fellow friends.

  3. I would love to check this place out sometime! I want to get some education toys for my kids to play with. Something like those abc toys I always see around. My nephew loves those blocks.