Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cowgirl Chocolates Review

Today has been another busy day but I didn't want to leave you without any new posts so I am here to share some Reviews & a Fun giveaway with you,I am still catching up on Blog Winner updates I have lots of emails to go through & send out before I can post a new list but hopefully it will be up soon.

I love working with companies that offer Unique products,It could be anything Clothing,Jewelry,Food items if it is Unique & Hard to find in a normal store such as Walmart then it is on the top of my Want to try list.One of the companies I had a fun chance to work with is called Cowgirl Chocolates,Recently for a review I was sent a small box of Chocolates.Inside of the box were the following flavors: MILD TRUFFLE FLAVORS: Pure Milk Chocolate,Double Dark Chocolate,Ivory Orange,Raspberry lemonade dark chocolate SPICY TRUFFLE FLAVORS:Spicy Double Dark Chocolate,Spicy Raspberry Dark Chocolate,Spicy Hazelnut Milk Chocolate,Spicy Cappuccino & A Buckin' hot Habanero Caramel. Inside of the box were one of each when this box was received my DH,A friend of ours & Myself tried these chocolates we each picked a random chocolate out of the box based on the color of the wrapper we liked,Found out the flavor we picked & then tried the chocolate.I must admit I only tried one of the chocolates,It tastes like normal chocolate until the after taste kicks in then there is a small spicy/burning sensation in your mouth I thought it was an odd sensation.My DH & our friend both thoroughly enjoyed the Chocolates though they did require a Drink after they were done testing them to help cool their mouths down.I think these chocolates are great for anyone who likes foods that have something a little extra added in. ****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Cowgirl Chocolates for the Review****

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