Saturday, January 29, 2011

BarBar Hair Tools Review & Discount Code

Lately I have been trying to find new ways to do my Hair for work,Since I have to wear the same shirt/pants to work everyday I want to find other ways to still express myself & look different each day instead of looking exactly the same every time I go to work because well that gets boring after a while,I have naturally wavy hair but I hate the way it looks so I always straighten my hair I rarely go out with wavy/poofy hair, One of the things I have never really tried is curling my hair but I usually like the way 'Prom' curls look.

I had an amazing opportunity to work with a company called BarBar Hair Tools I had my chance to pick any One item I wanted from their site since I already own a Blow dryer & two hair straighteners I automatically went to the Curling iron section I ended up picking out the BARBAR 2005 Spring 3 in 1 Tourmaline Curling Iron.I was amazed by the quality of this Hair curler I have never personally seen a Hair curler which had multiple sized curlers which could be switched out.So far I have only used the smallest sized Curler because to be truthfully honest I suck at curling hair,All the curls came out Uneven or didn't say as well as the other side of my head so I need more practice but I like how easy the curler is to use & how easy the front is to read to tell how hot your curler is & if it is ready to use.Everything came in a great little carrying case.The shipping speed of the company was excellent I think this curler is great to use for special occasions & for your everyday needs.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by BarBar Hair Tools for the Review.****

This is how my hair turned out:

Yes I know not the best photo but I Always hate the way I look in photos,I will be doing a review & giveaway for the Slouch Hat seen in the photo as well keep an eye out for it.

BONUS: Want to purchase the same curler or another item from the BarBar website? Use the discount code Blog4Fun for 50% OFF any purchase made.valid until the end of March


  1. I really need a new curler. I've heard of this brand before but never really knew much about it. I think your hair turned out really pretty. The hat is really cute too so I'll be watching for it. =)

  2. I find your hair pretty than you talked about, i thought you have a bad hair but i find very beautiful. I love curling my hair too that's why i looled for a hair culer, in found it at Gorgeous Shop, i bought it with just £23.97, i f you want you can click on the link above to avail Gorgeous Shop discount codes.