Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fing'rs GIVEAWAY & Review


Next up I have a giveaway for all of you Ladies! If you are one of my male followers still looking for something your girlfriend or wife will love for Christmas/Her stocking this will be a great giveaway to enter.You can tell I am really excited about a product when there is a ton to read,lol.

About 80% Of girls love getting their nails either Painted,Manicures,or Acrylics even the girls who claim to be a tom boy or not super girly like to have their nails painted weather its black,rainbow,or neon colors.I myself am not super girly when it comes to clothing & accessories many would think my style was rocker mom or just odd,For instance at the moment I am wearing Jeans my Avenged seven fold band T shirt & the Multicolor neon slippers my friend bought for me at Christmas last year [To keep my toes warm],But i do admit I love getting my nails done because not only do my nails look great but they get a chance to grow as well,I am a nail bitter [Bad habit I know] so when I have a manicure or fake nails on it keeps me from biting my nails.I recently worked with a company called Fing'rs who makes an assortment of Fake nails,Nail decorations & more. For my review I received Two boxes of Fing'rs Nails one in French manicure & one from their 'Edge Hardcore nails' line which has a Grey plaid pattern on the tip,Nail jewels & Nail decals.Up until about a month to two months ago I used to go with my mother to get my nails done professionally but the only problem was we were paying $35-$45 to get acrylics that I was never 100% happy with they were either too thick,They put too much glue so the nails were stuck to my skin as well,They would start to come off within a week,Ect but now I do my own nails with fake nail kits It is much easier,Cheaper & looks just as beautiful.Fing'rs has an assortment of nail sizes in each box so you can find the right nail to fit you they also include the Glue needed to place them on your fingers & stick on tabs if you do not want glue or only want the nails for a short period. I personally use the glue because the nails stay on longer,The nails stay on for up to 2 Weeks before Fing'rs I tested out one other brand of fake nails but didn't like them.Whats the difference between the other brand & Fing'rs? Fing'rs includes the glue in their packaging with the other brand I had to buy separate glue which didn't work nearly as well as the glue in the Fing'rs pack,I am now 100% addicted to buying Fing'rs nails with different patterns & Fing'rs is 100% to blame but the good kind of blame I love their nails & will continue to purchase them I only have to spend $5-$7 per pack for salon quality nails instead of $35-$45 on salon nails which I don't like as much plus it takes way less time to do them at home.I was also sent a package of their Toe Nail fake nails but I was not as happy with the toe nails I have very small toe nails so most the nails in the package were too big I ended up getting more of the nail on my skin/cuticle then I was able to on my actual toe nail my feet weren't happy when I had to take the nails off.As mentioned I also received a pack of Nail jewels & Decals I have not used the jewels yet but I love the decals they are easy to use & look great. Fing'rs has many lines available for everyone's different tastes there are TONS of styles to choose from & they make nails for young girls as well.I have loved working with this company & hope to work with them again in the future.Fing'rs is on my Christmas Wish List this year will it be on yours? ****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Fing'rs for the Review & Giveaway****

TIP: When taking off fake nails always remember to soak the nails in either water or nail polish remover it will help break down the glue which will make them easier to remove.

One lucky Girl win get A set of Dazzle Toes, A set of Edge nails, & A set of decals from Fing'rs