Thursday, December 16, 2010

Extra Giveaway Entries

This Holiday season is pretty busy I have a Jam packed weekend lined up but I still plan on posting,Plus I have to in order to get caught up not only with posts but with Blog Winners I know I have been behind but between being sick & having a ton to do home life gets the attention it needs first.

I wanted to Announce a way for Extra Entries into my giveaways,I have noticed that 99% of my blog followers Only come here for the giveaways & normally never bother to read reviews or important updates such as When I am sick or unable to post which causes reviews to have 0 comments & me to have many emails asking when winners will be posted SO I am going back how things used to be for now on I will have extra entries for commenting on reviews I will have links to the specific reviews for you to comment on that way everyone gets the exposure they deserve & you score extra chances to win fun prizes!

I have THREE giveaways coming up for tonight keep your eyes open.


  1. Way to go. I admit that I've been a bit lazy recently but I often read your reviews and updates. I've even made a purchase based on your thoughts about a product. It's a fair trade for your awesome giveaways!

  2. lately, even for giveaway, I fell lazy to enter...

    so I just be a silent reader to your riew and giveaway...

  3. I am guilty too...not sure why because I love reviews on any product.

  4. I have just been feeling out of the loop lately in a sense I used to get great feed back but lately I don't get any on my Regular reviews so I wasn't sure if I do have regular readers who visit often Its nice to see the feed back ^-^ So I am glad you all commented,I had also been asked to bring back the extra entries so I did.

    Thifa I see you enter a lot & it does pay off because you have won in the past.