Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DAV rain Review

We normally have strange weather here in Arizona,in the summer it is not only super hot but it hardly ever rains & if it does it is only for a moment then it dries up before you can even tell it rained,The rain clouds usually wait until it gets chilly out to start raining which makes it even colder but it also means we get to pull out our rain boots,Recently I worked with a company called DAV Rain

For my review I received a Scot Slate Pump & A Small east/west Black Bag,I have to start off by telling you that these are the BEST pair of rain boots my little eyes have ever seen I normally think rain boots are ugly or make people's feet look goofy but with these not only do they keep your feet dry,Slip resistant & discreet they are adorable as well.I also love my purse I used to only use tote bags because I was never happy with the strap length,size of the purse,lack of pockets ect with all the other purses I tried now that I am a mom I have to carry all kinds of things besides my own items,So a big purse is a must so this purse is perfect in size it is in the middle of being small & one step below massively too large.It has tons of pockets & areas to hold my items to help me keeps more organized,Things are easy to find when I am in a hurry.I also enjoy the fact that the bag has an extra 'Strap' that helps protect anyone from trying to sneak into your purse trying to steal something.DAV's shipping was faster than expected & everything came nicely packaged I have enjoyed working with them.They not only sell rain shoe Pumps they also sell boots,rain sneakers,umbrellas & More feel free to check them out.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by DAV rain for the Review****

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