Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giveaway Winners!

I am going to kick today off by Announcing some of the winners that I am behind on getting to since I have been pretty busy.

Old Time Candy Giveaway - #636 scoobybabe2004
All Etsy Giveaway - #147 beckytag
Jenulence Giveaway - #233 Monik
Bondi Band Giveaway - #14 Loqi
Petcakes Giveaway - #829 michtuck
Kidswitch Giveaway -#32 degood
CTW Giveaway - #381 Proudparent9195
Zak Giveaway - #432 paula michele
Mode4u Giveaway - #261 Bchsmama90
Board Books Giveaway - #196 CathyH
Julian & Co Giveaway - #405 Linda Kish
Myfair Lane Giveaway - #135 Oldgrandmaof2
Oakridge candle Giveaway - #627 kathy pease
Milly Kitty Giveaway - #620 faithfullyfrugal
Izzie & Friends Giveaway - #19 bukaeyes
JustJoise Giveaway - #200 Storm, The Psychotic Housewife
The head said Giveaway - #406 Hoa

I will be sending out a winners email within the next 24 HOURS.Remember if you did not win this time there are plenty of opportunity heading your way for you to win some wonderful prizes.


  1. Congrats all!

    I also have a giveaway if interested...
    Last day to enter! Very few entries! Beautifully made by a Etsy crafter, would make great stocking stuffers or holiday presents!

  2. Yay! I'm so excited! I'll be waiting for your email. :)

  3. YAAAAY Thank you so very much Luna and Oak Ridge Candle :)