Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dot Girl Products Review

I know there are a small number of Male followers who follow my blog & enter my more manly giveaways or giveaways for their Wife/Girlfriend this post will be covering a Female issue I am sure you won't want to hear about so feel free to skip over this post!

We all know there is a point in a mom's life when she has to sit down with her daughter & discuss that one day she will be getting a Period & how to properly take care of herself & her 'monthly friend',A small company has made this a little easier for those who aren't as comfortable with this mother- daughter talk,A company called Dot Girl has come up with a product called the First Period Girls Kit here is some information on it "Prepare your daughter for a positive first step into womanhood with The Dot Girl First Period Kit®, a stylish and discreet carrying case with everything a girl needs for her first period including information and supplies" The kit comes with 5 Feminine Pads,5 Disposal Bags for disposing of used pads,1 Reusable Dot Girl Warm Pad, a gel heating pad for soothing cramps,2 Hand Wipes & The Dot Girl Period Answer Book answers twenty common questions about menstruation including: How many days will I bleed?When will I get my first period?,How do I track my period?,What about cramps? & What is a period anyway? all in a carrying case for $20 is a great deal they also have refill kits for more disposable bags,pads,& wipes.I think this kit is wonderful & very helpful & informational for a young preteen or teenage girl about to start her period,Many teens growing up never had this talk with their mom,I myself learned everything I needed to learn at school I never personally had the 'Girl Talk' with my mother,I think this kit would have been a wonderful gift,Even in later years it would have been helpful in High school because it is small so you can carry all of your monthly needs in the bag including,pads,tampons,wipes,advil & more.If you have a young daughter heading into her teen years I would suggest checking into this.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Dot Girl Products for the Review****