Sunday, October 3, 2010

Only 28 more days!

Today is my day to relax though I do need to catch up on a few things so I figured why not post a Halloween post while I am at it? There are 28 more days until Halloween. Stores have everything Halloween on display,Homes are starting to be decorated,& the Orange/black accessories are starting to pop up. What are some of the ways you will be showing off your Halloween spirit early?

As for myself I recently bought some super cute press on nails with Bats & Swirls which can be seen above.For my daughter I have created her a pair of my Bat Girl Hair clips which can be found in my online shop [Only one set Left!].To celebrate on my blog many of you know I will be posting Halloween related posts,Giveaways & reviews.As for costumes do you know what your going as this year? My DH is going as a Charger from the Video game Left 4 Dead 2 & I am not sure what my daughter or myself are going as.

When I was little every year my family & I would watch the Old Old Horror movies through out October they might be cheesy but they bring back memories of times when everyone was still one big family. [We Send you all of our love Papa]. What are some of the Holiday traditions you & your family like to do every year?


  1. No kids to dress up for us! Would it be bad if I dressed up the dog :P? My biggest tradition is to buy a giant bag of candy early in the month, and then struggle to stay away from it until Halloween :)

  2. I was just telling one of my friends the other day that he should dress his basset hound as a Hot dog for Halloween there are lots of super cute dog costumes.

  3. We don't have many Halloween traditions, just decorate the house a little and the kids get dressed up to go trick or treating. They are super excited this year to go so it should be lots of fun!