Friday, October 22, 2010

Kawaii Fun Giveaway!

It has been a while since I have been able to post a giveaway that is hosted by Yours Truly.So I decided that it is time to do so because I may not be able to as the Holidays draw closer,specially with my Christmas Shopping Guide starting in just 10 days [I have TONS of fun giveaways set up including lots of toys for the little ones to help you cut back on Holiday costs].I will be giving away Two of my handmade items from my store Burning Moon to one lucky winner.I love being able to provide everyone who follows my blog [& even those who don't] fun giveaways to enter It helps you have a fun time,save money & helps me boosts visitors & views so it is a win win situation.

I bet your wondering by now what the prizes are? I decided to go with an All Kawaii giveaway this time around because it seems to be becoming more & more popular.I will be giving away One of my Kawaii Cake Scrabble pendants & a set of my Kawaii Peace Skulls Tea light Candle Holders which are both sold on my Etsy Store.

Both prizes can be seen pictured above,You will receive two candles with the candle holder set along with Two tealight candles to place into your candle holders,You will also receive One Kawaii Cake Scrabble pendant.Kawaii is becoming on of my personal favorite themes now as well I love seeing all the fun Kawaii items available such as note pads,pends,stickers,tape,accessories,fabrics & more.Want to know a little about my shop? My Etsy store was named after a nick name my group of friends gave my DH & I when we started dating I liked the name so much I have been using it since I opened my store almost two years ago.I add new items frequently [In fact I am working on some new charm bracelets & necklaces as we speak] & I love custom orders I try to make something for everyone preppy,Girly,Gothic,Punk,ect I occasionally sell a vintage item here & there & I also sell Supplies to other Etsy sellers or crafters.It is fun to work with different colors & materials.Want to know more about my shipping speed,packaging & customer service? You can click HERE to read a recent blog review written on my Etsy store Burning Moon .I hope you all enjoyed the giveaway I have put together for you here.I only offer One set of candle holders a year for giveaway purposes.

*Please note your pendant will be similar but not exactly the same as pictured above.

One lucky winner will receive One of my Kawaii Cake Scrabble pendants & a set of my Kawaii Peace Skulls Tea light Candle Holders.