Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hearth Song Review

A fresh new day & fresh new blog posts,It is really starting to sink in with me how close the Holidays really are every year it seems like they are here one minute gone the next I look forward to bringing you lots of fun Holiday posts starting with the Halloween posts I have been presenting you! Have you picked out your costume yet? Much like most normal days on my blog I have a review or two to share with you first before I jump into todays giveaway,always remember not only do the companies appreciate you commenting on the review posts but I appreciate your input as well You letting me know what YOU like helps me know what to try & gather for Giveaways,plus they also count as extra entries into some of my giveaways.

I absolutely Love being able to decorate my daughters room turning it into a Magical little play room that is just for her,One of the best Items i have found to aid turning an ordinary room into a little girls wonderland is an item I had the pleasure of reviewing from a company called Hearth Song the item I had a chance to review is called the Fairy Garden Hideaway.The Fairy Garden Hideaway can be used either outside or Inside,I have decided to use mine inside it is too pretty to have it get ruined from being outside,I am very happy with how large the hideaway is it is 7' tall, approx. 12' in circumference but the drapes also open quite wide so you can get a larger play area under it,This covers an entire corner of my daughters bedroom it is home to stuffed animals,pillows & a small play area where my daughter likes to sit & read books.Having this makes decor around it very simple since it matches the Tinker Bell decor my daughter already had,we were never entirely 100% sure on just One theme to go with for my daughters room but we are now sure it is a mixture of Fairies & Monkeys.The Hideaway did not come with the hardware needed to place it on the ceiling so we ended up using a potting hook & some nails hahaha we didn't feel like driving to home depot,it was fairly simple to put up though I am short so holding it up so my DH could hang it hurt my arms,but all in all I LOVE this hideaway everyone who sees it asks where it came from & compliments it because it is Vibrant the flower ring around the top is gorgeous & the size is great. ****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Hearth Song for the Review****

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