Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eve Organics Review

It is getting closer to Halloween! Which means a weekend of fun for me & then the following Monday after Halloween my Christmas Shopping Guide begins it will be packed full of fun giveaways to Help you cut down your shopping list this year! There will be something for everyone.

I have a review to share with you before I post todays giveaway! I wanted to share a company called Eve Organics.For my review I received Love Butter- Unscented,Rose Petal lip gloss,Black Eyeliner during this review I realized I need to read closer haha It turns out the Love Butter isn't massage oil as I thought but a personal lubricant,Which worked out anyways because my friend wanted it so I included it in the birthday gift basket I made for her,Though trying to get the 'Love Butter' back to the right consistency was a little of a challenge when it first arrived it was melted into a liquid so I did as the directions said & put it in the freezer though I left it in too long so it froze solid but from what my friend has said once it de-thawed it went back to a normal consistency.I really like the Rose Petal Lip gloss that I was sent,It is a gorgeous color I always like the shades that are right in the middle of being too light it looks natural & too dark that you look like a clown.If a thin layer of the Rose Petal Lip gloss is applied it gives off a red/light purple color which does resemble the color of a rose.I also like the black eyeliner because its not flat black & not over the top black Though you can make it darker or lighter depending on how hard you apply it/how many layers you apply I don't normally like pencil eye liner but I did like the way this eye liner went on so it is a keeper! This is a great place to shop Eve Organics offers more than just Makeup they also offer body care,skin care & More head over to their website to check them out.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Eve Organics for the Review****

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