Monday, October 11, 2010

Bugalug Baby Review

I am having a few issues with my daughter the last few days [Entering into the very terrible devil twos] so the reviews & giveaway for today might be posted at odd times since I am trying to get her to communicate what she is needing instead of screaming at everyone.

It is time to post today's Second review & then I will move onto today's giveaway & small announcement.My daughter is in the in-between stage of clothing some clothing in 2T fits others are too large,so when it comes to pants whats better then a Child Approved Belt? I had a wonderful chance of working with a small online store called Bugalug Baby who sells all sorts of childrens accessories for boys & girls.For my review I received a Cinch Belt in Argyle/Teal along with a cute ABC hair clip.The shipping was fast & everything was packaged neatly the belt was more adorable than I could have imagined,it fits my daughter perfectly & will open/close without hurting her she is able to remove the belt herself & put it back on when ever she needs to.The hair clip is also unique because most sellers will but off the extra ribbon at the back of the clip exposing the metal between the 'jaw' of the hair clip that you push together to open the hair clip,but Bugalug Baby leaves that extra ribbon on,it still opens perfect but makes it so there isn't anything Tiny fingers can get pinched on,It is also a very appealing little hair clip since you get to see more of the pattern.I like the patterns on both the Hair clip & the belt they are the perfect color for any little girl.The belts are an okay price they are about the same cost as an adult belt,but they also last a little while since they stretch out when you need them to & you can buy extenders.I have enjoyed having this chance to test out this product.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Bugalug Baby for the Review****

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