Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ATTENTION All Etsy Sellers & Other Companies/Businesses

I will be attending a Craft Fair/Market on October 30th,2010 I am Looking for Companies who want to send in sample products or Business cards to place into a Promotional Goodie bag.

I will be putting together 'Goodie' bags with samples & business cards from other sells & some samples from my own shop as well This will help bring promotion to All sellers & Business included in the bag There will be a Halloween Costume Contest held at the craft fair so there is an extra large amount of people expected to show up.I am looking for sellers who want to send in their SAMPLES OR BUSINESS CARDS for the Goodie bags,You can send in how ever many you want I will be making 100-250 bags,I will be handing these out at my Booth. What ever is left over from the craft fair will be handed out at the state fair [I will be going to the state fair right after the craft fair].I have made these goodie bags for small craft shows & craft parties in the past & they have been very successful.

YOU the seller will be responsible for covering your costs of the samples/business cards & the shipping in exchange for the promotion at the craft fair.

Samples that will be accepted:
Knitted goods
Paper goods
Jewelry samples
Bead samples
Bath goods
& More

Not only will there be Buyers there but there will also be Sellers looking to buy new supplies so keep that in mind as well!

Message me at or leave a comment here


  1. Nice blog!! :)
    I am interested in sending business cards!!

  2. I'm interested in sending business cards but what's the deadline for sending them to you?

  3. They Have to be in hand by October 27th-28th So I would say no later than the 22nd to make sure they arrive on time unless shipping priority/first class