Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 More days! Are You Ready?

Halloween is only TEN days away.Are you looking for fun Halloween activities to do with your kids that are cheap? There are a lot of things such as haunted houses that you have to pay an arm & a leg to take your kids as well as yourself to but not everyone wants to pay that much for a little holiday fun so what are some fun home activities that can be done?

There are tons of websites that offer fun Halloween treat recipes to make monster cookies,spider cupcakes,Spider web pumpkin pies & more that are cheap,fun & easy to make one of the websites you can visit for easy Halloween recipes is Familyfun.Go.Com now that we have treats covered what about fun decorations? When I was a kid we couldn't afford a ton of decorations to decorate the yard with so my mom would help us make 'Ghost' to hang in the yard make out of news paper & paper towels,All you have to do is take a small ball of news paper & put it in the middle of the paper towel or a white bag then tie it under the ball to create the 'head' of the ghost while the rest is the body which will float you can also add eyes with a sharpie,Many websites also offer free coloring pages that all Halloween themed all you have to do is print them out.If you search around on google for activities in your area you can find either cheap or free Halloween activities for your kids,I have found a few great pumpkin patches in my area that are decently cheap & some even free my daughter had a blast going on the free pony rides & getting to pick her own pumpkin.

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Do you have any fun & cheap Halloween activities to share that you do with your children or did with your parents when you were a kid?

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  1. I still dont have a costume i think i might be in trouble great necklace and post