Monday, September 13, 2010

Violight Review

Keeping my family happy & safe is my number one priority which includes making sure they live in a clean Home,I do what ever I can to help things in our home be the best that they can be Including making sure things stay sanitary.Recently for a review I worked with a company called Violight who sells items for your Home that help you keep more Sanitized.

For my review I received The Original Violight Toothbrush Sanitizer,Here is a little info on their product from the Violight website "By using Germicidal Ultraviolet Light, which physically destroys the DNA of microorganisms, our award-winning Violight Counter top Toothbrush Sanitizer and Storage System will sanitize up to four toothbrushes at one time.Violight prevents cross contamination of bacteria from one toothbrush to another, and even accommodates electric toothbrush heads. Its translucent cap lets you know it's working, and it includes a removable drip cup for easy cleaning.With a one-touch start button, auto shut-off, and safety cap that de-activates the light if it's unlocked or removed, this Sanitizer is a must-have for those who are health-conscious." When it arrived I was excited to have everyone try it out at bedtime when we all brush our teeth,The Violight Toothbrush Sanitizer was easy to put together & get started,after we all placed our tooth brushes in the Violight & pushed the button right away you can see the bright blue light turning on,The light stays on for Ten Minutes to make sure all the germs & bacteria on your tooth brush are completely killed.You always have to remember to shake off the extra water from your brush before you put it into the Violight.Though it seems crazy the bristles on my Tooth brush seem whiter than they used to be which is a plus because you can tell it is clean,I enjoy the fact it can hold three tooth brushes there are only three of us right now but when we make our family bigger we will need the extra space.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Violight for the Review****

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