Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting back on Track post 1

This post is part of a Future review,You Do Not have to read it or comment if you do not want to though it would be nice to hear your thoughts.These posts will help me keep myself motivated & on track.For a little while I was working on a Review for a work out program called Kettleworx where you do the entire 20 Minute workout with a little weight which is the Kettleworx ball,The one I have is a 10 lbs weight unfortunately due to an incident while rearranging my house I hurt my knee & when I tried to do the program found it too painful to do so I decided to wait until my knee wasn't in pain any longer need less to say I got lazy & didn't start back up,Which I need to do even though my Fiance hasn't technically proposed yet we still talk about our wedding so I want to fit into the perfect wedding dress & be able to wear some of the cute clothing that I want to,I am slightly over weight & want to get back into shape so I figured why not keep a blog update with my Progress? That way I can share with you my favorite exercise each week,& my least favorite along with other information I will possibly add in diet tips & more as well. With the Kettleworx program you have a Six week course set out for you, each week there are Three 20 minute work outs to do they don't have to be done on the same days each week [For example Tuesday,Thursday,& Saturday] You do them when you have the time to do them,There are Three DVD's to rotate through so you never do the same work out twice.

I have decided since I am behind on my Kettleworx work out that I will be restarting it from Day 1 Week 1 & sharing my journey with you,I won't be sharing my weight,Why? 1. I am embarrassed even though I am not extremely heavy,2. I don't own a scale, but I will share information such as noticeable changes in appearance,if anyone notices[People I know],How I feel energy appearance & health wise,information on the work out itself & More.I always do my workout in the evening when my daughter goes to bed so I will post the workout post the Morning after I do the work out.Last Night I did Day 1 Week 1 the DVD i choose last night was the 'Core' I found this video to be a lot easier than I was expecting,My favorite work out is the Hip pop & Crunch because you can really feel it working your Abs & Love Handles,My Leave favorite is the Half sit up because it hurts my wrist I need to get a wrist band to wear,& the Instructor does more on one side then the other.I do like the videos because the instructor/creator of Kettle Worx helps keep you motivated with sayings such as 'Your going to look great in those new jeans' & More.

Tip of the Day: If you are planning on using the Kettleworx program be sure to get plenty of stretching in before hand other wise you can & will pull at least one muscle,I have found that it works best for me if I do 20 minutes of weight loss yoga before I do my Kettleworx work out then I am getting 40 minutes of working out three times a week instead of 20 minutes three times a week! & Always keep a water bottle handy you will need it.

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