Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back on Track post 2

Yes this is another boring Update post about my working out during the Kettle Worx program,Like I have stated before You do not have to read this I am mainly posting this to keep myself motivated & in shape.I did my Week 1 Day 1 work out on Tuesday night & posted my post Wednesday morning.Today I will be posting about Week 1 Day 2. When it comes to working out I don't get super motivated to do it,But lately I have had an extra push telling me 'Hey you need to start working out again',My mind is telling me its time to get fit,I like the saying the creator of the Kettle Work says in the start up video 'TNT Today not Tomorrow' which is what I try to keep in mind,I know its silly but while I am getting everything set up before I do my Yoga & Kettle worx [Mat,Water,Resin pouch,tie hair up ect] I like to play TNT by AC/DC to get me motivated.I am not extremely over weight but I am heavier than I would like,I am currently a size 12 in pants & would like to get to a size 6 or at least a 7/8 would be nice.

Today I decided to do the Cardio video,If I was smart I would have done this video first because to me it is the hardest but I guess maybe it is the best to do a Medium work out,Hard & then Medium so your not straining yourself or not working enough when doing so.You can call me a wuss if you want but wow not even ten minutes into the work out I started feeling the burn,I started sweating,My muscles started hurting & My heart was racing it is a pain working out but feels worth it after wards,I have to admit that doing Yoga before I do the Kettle Worx work out doesn't help with the being sore issue but it does help prevent pulling or hyper extending anything.I don't necessarily have a favorite work out on this disk but I don't like the Squat & Throw [Basket ball] move it hurts my Glutes.Wish me luck along my journey! I will be back in a few days with post 3, I am hoping to throw in a few days of running on a tred mill & swimming laps in a pool into my work outs.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated I know my daughter has been looking for a good work out program I will let her know about this one