Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jenulence GIVEAWAY

Now is the Juicy post you are all waiting for the post that will give you a chance to win some amazing makeup.If you have been a blog follower for a while you will remember back in July I did a blog review for a company called Jenulence, they are one of my favorite cosmetic companies that I received a chance to work with You can re visit the Review by clicking HERE.

Now I have a wonderful chance to give one of my lucky readers some of their makeup as well,I will post a small bit of the review I did here so you know how the makeup is you will be winning."For my review I received A Ginger Glow Mineral Foundation Powder,Orchid Satin Blush,Natural Eye Shadow Brush,Mid-size Concealer Brush,Silver Sparkle Body Shimmering powder,Midnight Blue Matte Eye Shadow & Smoky Purple Matte Eye Shadow.I didn't realize until I received these items but if you use the Silver Sparkle Body Shimmering powder,Purple Matte Eye Shadow,Orchid Satin Blush & a Pale foundation you can create your own Vampire or Twilight Look,I personally LOVE the A Ginger Glow Mineral Foundation Powder & Orchid Satin Blush,the foundation is the perfect color for my skin since I received it I haven't been using any other foundation,The blush is an amazing color as well it gives you the perfect rosy cheek it is a mix between a light purple & a faint pink it reminds me of Cherry Blossoms"
****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Jenulence for the Review & Giveaway****


One Lucky Winner will receive Two mineral eye shadows of choice.


Japonesque Review

Now onto todays second review & then next will be Todays Giveaway which I know you all will love.I am very Happy to be a partner working with a company called Japonesque over the next few months I will be bringing you a review or two from this great company.

For my review I received a Lip Palette Kit,A Pink Artisan Slant Tip Tweezers,& A Touch up tube set of brushes.I really love the Pink Artisan Slant Tip Tweezers since I tweeze my own eye brows I like having a pair of tweezers that I can depend on they grab even the smallest of hairs which is a huge plus because I hate having to pull out the waxing kit for the teeny tiny hairs my old tweezers missed,The slanted tip helps to create the look you want.I haven't personally used the Lip Palette Kit yet because its purpose is to use the last of the lip stick you have left in your lip stick tube you can place it in one of the small Palettes or you can blend it with another shade to make your own color I don't use my lip stick enough to have the very last bit to use but I will eventually use it.Another huge plus about the products I received is that the Touch up tube set of brushes is the perfect size for my purse that way I can carry a few basic essentials instead of a bulky makeup bag since my purse is medium in size it helps me bring other things I may need.I have really enjoyed working with this company the products are helpful,shipping is fast,customer service is great & packing is lovely as well I look forward to working with them again soon.Feel free to check out their website for the rest of their great products You can also find them on Facebook. ****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Japonesque for the Review****

Turk Towel Review

I have the next days of blog post planned out with themes I would like to go with today I will be doing All Makeup related posts,tomorrow will be Clothing posts & on Saturday I will be posted Kid related posts along with a All handmade Halloween giveaway! Sunday is my Free day which I will spend sending my sponsors links to their posts,& Monday I am doing a random mix up day. It will be a fun few days I have a TON of fun giveaways planned that will be coming up soon.

Let's get to todays first Makeup related review,One of the most important essentials to have when you are a huge makeup freak are small hand towels dedicated to just your makeup,I know a ton of people just use their jeans or a towel but I prefer to have a separate cloth for my makeup I use it for cleaning my brushes off,fixing any makeup mistakes I may have made,cleaning off containers,ect.I had an amazing chance to work with a company called Turk Towel one of their best selling items are Black Makeup Washcloths, I received two of them for a review they are perfect in size,I also love the fact that they are black so that my makeup will not stain them I used a lot of bright & dark colors when I do my eye shadow so this helps save money because I don't have to replace my white wash cloths & I don't have to do as much laundry to get the makeup out of my cloths.Each cloth is very soft & says 'Makeup' on them which helps remind my DH that they are not for him to use on his dirty hands.I have received many compliments from my friends who have seen my makeup towels,I personally love them.You can purchase them from the Turk Towel set in a set of 6 for $45.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Turk Towel for the Review****

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fashion To Figure Review

There is one more Late night post review for Tonight Please DON'T FORGET to check out all my new giveaways there are many still up & running you can win clothing,makeup,kids toys & more click HERE to check out all of my current running giveaways.

A little over a week ago I got to do a Review for a company called Fashion To Figure which is a website that has Plus size womens clothing. for my review I received a Black Cameo Jersey Drape Dress with Studded Belt in a 1X the dress is adorable & I love the belt but it is a bit too large[I wear a M/L in clothing] for me so I had my plus size friend try it on she looks fantastic & loves the dress the material is soft & stretchy the belt is great it is quite large the studs are brown instead of the normal silver which I think gives it a more 'Rocker' look,The dress looks great with a small shrug or jacket & boots or even heels.The belt is removable to give you a chance to change up how it looks a little or so you can wear another belt with it as well,I think that a sash might look cute with this dress as well.The Fashion to Figure website has Tons of gorgeous clothing for plus size girls it finally gives those of us who can't fit into a size 4 jeans something super cute to wear & on a budget too.Feel free to check out the Fashion to Figure website for all their cute fashionable clothing. ****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Fashion To Figure for the Review**

BondiBand GIVEAWAY & Review

I know all of you are ready to see what todays giveaway is going to be so let's get to it.When I am working out I have to have a good headband that will keep my hair in place so I don't have to stop & fix it every five minutes,So I was very happy to work with a company called BondiBands that sells large Fabric headbands,They sell headbands,Swim caps,small wraps & More for Women,Men,Children & Dogs.

For my review I was sent One brown Heavy wicking headband[Good for sweat],& a Black light wicking headband with a silver peave sign in the middle.The package arrived a lot faster than I had expected,I was very happy to receive my headband,It is really helpful now because I cut my hair a little shorter than it was so my old headbands just were not cutting it.The BondiBand firmly holds all of my hair into place & looks super cute as well.I like the different designs some of them have they remind me of an old funky house wife with a head band & retro apron on which now that I am getting older I strangely like more things that I didn't when I was younger [Keep in my I am only almost twenty years old]. I like using both headbands while working out through I use the brown one more because the peace sign headband is just too cute to use I don't want it getting all Icky,I also like the fact that they are easy to wash in the washer & safe to dry.The fabric stretches easily to give you enough room to put it on properly.I really like using my Bondiband they are also helpful while I do my daily cleaning such as cleaning the tub that way I don't have to worry about hair in my eyes.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by BondiBands for the Review & Giveaway****

One winner will receive their choice of any One headband.


Calibowl Review

I honestly think that my Email hides important emails from me,When I am not looking for a specific email its right in front of my face but when I actually need to find an email my 'search' box says its not in my folders.Anyway onto the review for today,If you check my Kitchen you will find a number of bowls & cups that don't match any of the rest of my dishes but that is the way I like it because it gives me a wide selection of bowl sizes to choose from,I recently received a chance to work with a company called CaliBowl who sells Non spill bowls,they have a small built on 'lip' so that when you use a chip to scoop out salsa,dip,ect it will stay on your chip instead of being pushed out of the bowl.

For my review I received one small Green bowl & a Medium red bowl,They are both fantastic I like the material they are made from since they are not glass I have no problem with my daughter carrying them around the house because I know she will not be able to break them or hurt herself in the process of using them.The Calibowls are the perfect size for dips,salsa & even cereal I love using the small green bowl for when I eat cereal.The prices are fantastic as well you can get a four bowl set for $29.99 they come in a assortment of bright bold colors,perfect for parties,BBQ's & More.I have enjoyed using my bowls & look forward to using them at my next BBQ i know my guests will enjoy them as well.The Calibowls are Made of Polypropylene, a plastic polymer that is exceptionally durable,They are Microwave & dishwasher safe & BPA Free.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Calibowl for the Review****

Costumes4less Review

Note: I will try to post my posts in a timely fashion My grandmother fell & broke her Hip I had to take her to the Hospital I am waiting for her to call to go pick her up If i don't post the giveaway until late that is why.

Before I get to todays giveaway there are Two reviews I need to post,With Halloween only slightly over a month away it is time to start buying costumes & parts that go to your costume.I had a wonderful chance to work with a company called Costumes4less and yes they are true to their name the Halloween Costumes & Children Costumes they sell are all at amazing prices.


For my review I received a pair of Childrens Lace-up Black Boots,I wasn't a 100% sure what size to order because the chart confused me a little I ended up getting size M which I intended to be a big large for my daughter so that she can wear them when she gets older & they are the perfect size.I love the boots they are well made they aren't made out of cheap materials so I can tell these boots will last for quite some time which is a Huge plus for me & my daughter.The shipping was very fast,& everything was well packaged.Costumes4less also has some of the most adorable Childrens costumes,as well as Teen costumes,& adult costumes including 'sexy' costumes for girls & guys,besides costumes they also have Accessories,shoes,& decorations they have everything pretty much & at low prices shipping is only $6.95 no matter how much you order.Feel free to have a look around their website I recommend this site for good Halloween Shopping.The adorable boots I got were only $34 I think that is a great deal.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Costumes4less for the Review****

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Petcakes GIVEAWAY & Review

Sorry for the late night giveaway post I had a very busy day,Part of which I spent researching costs of the new supplies I will need for the new Line I am putting out in my online store,What is it? You will have to wait & see.I know you are all ready for todays giveaway so let's get to it.

It may only be 2 1/2 days until October but I am already planning what I am getting my daughter for Christmas & then her Birthday right after I am the type of person who will start buying presents & cards 2-3 months ahead of time so that I know I have everything I need covered plus some of it I score at great sales through out the year,Maybe this year I can even save up some money for the awesome after Christmas sales that stores have.I recently had a chance to work with a company called The Well Made Toy Company one of their newest lines is called PetCakes which features adorable little Puppies each has a different thing that makes them look like a cupcake fur,a hat,a cherry ect they each come in their own little cupcake wrapper.They make great birthday presents, holiday stocking stuffers, rewards for good grades, or just something to sit on a desk and make you smile.For my Review I received Series 1 Of the petcakes which includes Coco Coconut,Twinkle Sprinkles,Randy Candy & Blueberry buddy they are all so adorable my favorite is Randy Candy he is just super lovable.Each puppy is attached to the cupcake liner by a small string you can have the puppy popping his head out or tucked into the cupcake,I don't know why I wanted to but I snipped the tiny string holding the puppy to the cupcake liner my daughter has had a blast playing with her Petcakes [Two for play two for Christmas],The puppies make perfect tea time guests,they allow for the childs imagination to grow they are also fun for adults & dog lovers why not place one of these cuties in your office space or bedroom? PetCakes are just beginning to ship and will be found soon at specialty toy and gift stores,Keep your eyes open they will make the perfect Christmas gift.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by PetCakes for the Review & Giveaway****

One winner will receive Two Petcakes [Company's choice] The puppies have a retail value of $13.99


Honey Cat Cosmetics Review

It is amazing how things can be nice & calm one day then the next is super hectic with running around to appointments,shopping,Visiting family,the works though no matter weather you have a busy life or a calm life it is always nice to take some time out for yourself & relax in a calming bath.

I recently worked with a great little company called Honey Cat Cosmetics who sells a variety of bath items for my review I received A Rose & Lemongrass bath bomb,Peach brandy Shower gel & A Rub My Tummy, Milk and Honey Hand and Body Cream.The first thing I used was the bath bomb because they are one of my favorite bath time products,It had a dead rose on it which I wasn't sure weather to take it off before using the bath bomb or just throw it in the tub with it,so I just tossed the whole thing in it has a nice smell,I also loved the Peach Brandy shower gel though I used it for bubble bath instead of shower gel,which it actually ended up working as both because If i used the bubbles from the bath [while in the bath] they worked just as well the shower gel was nice & creamy it made my skin feel soft.The body cream is a great texture it isn't greasy which is a plus I hate it when body creams are greasy because then my body doesn't want to absorb it.I have really enjoyed using these products,they all smelled nice & came in super cute packaging.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Honey Cat Cosmetics for the Review****

Monday, September 27, 2010

NoodleHead GIVEAWAY & Review

It is always nice to win something for ourselves but it is also really nice to win something for our children or relative because we get to see their face light up when we give it to them.

I am always a little worried when my daughter falls asleep in the car in her car seat because Her head isn't being properly supported but a company called Noodlehead has come up with the solution with a Product called a Travel Buddie which comes in a various number of Animal shapes,For my review I received the Wolf Travel Buddy[Seen Above] for my Daughter.My daughter enjoys using this product because it is soft,cute & not too big not only does she like using it in the car but she also likes taking it to bed with her at night sometimes she even sleeps with it during her naps she will either use it as a pillow or cuddle with it.I personally think that the Travel Buddies are super adorable I wish I could have received a Monkey because that is my daughters favorite animal but she likes the wolf a lot as well.the Travel Buddies are nice to use in the car because when your child falls asleep you can place the Travel Buddy around their head & it will help give their neck support so they aren't slouching to one side or have their neck at a weird angle while they sleep it will also give them a more peaceful sleep since their head will be resting on a soft pillow animal instead of the hard plastic of their car seat.NoodleHead also offers a Variety of other products such as Bag Buddies,& more.Feel free to check out their website to look through all of their very helpful products.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Noodlehead for the Review & Giveaway****

One Lucky winner will also win a Travel buddy of choice from this list: Wolf, Black Bear, Hippo, Horse, Lion, Moose or Raccoon


Ever Sew Clever Review

I always try to find the best products to keep my child happy & comfortable that are safe for her to use.I look for products both for Home & for Outings So I was very happy to get a chance to work with a small Etsy store called Ever Sew Clever who makes Car seat strap covers & many other items.For my review I was sent one set of Carseat Car Seat Strap Covers Reversible Ziggy Zag Minky.It has Colorful fabric on one side for those warm summer days and super soft smooth mink (White in color) on the other side for the colder days.

They are the perfect size they keep my daughter comfortable while in her car seat,it keeps the straps from being too constricting & helps her when she falls asleep since she has more cushion under her chin. I like the inner [White] side of the straps the best because of how soft they are it makes you want to rub them on your face or sleep on them,my daughter seems to enjoy it as well,If I need to take them off they are small enough to fit snugly into my diaper bag or purse.Our family members think these straps are absolutely adorable.The straps can be bought at only $5.25 which is a Fantastic price,Feel free to visit Ever Sew Clever on Etsy.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Ever Sew Clever for the Review***

Giveaway Winners!

The weekend is over already? I can't decide which I like more the weekend where I get to relax or the work week where I get to do a bunch of things & check my mail,Both are equally just as great as the other.It's Monday again so that means its time to play some Catch up & announce some Giveaway WINNERS.If you did not win this time there is no need to worry I still have a TON of giveaways up simply click HERE to see a list of all current giveaways still running.

Worry Woo Winner -#68 Claude
Hip-T Winner-#284 Julia
TwilighterVA Winner -#406 They call me Cee
PurMist Winner-# 140 Betsabè

All winners will be contacted within 72 Hours,Emails will include a link to this post the easiest way for me to keep track of winners is if you use the link to this post,check which giveaway you won & include the name of that giveaway with your email.I wanted to take this time to Remind everyone entering my giveaways Please Don't forget to include your EMAIL address in your entries so that I can contact you if you win.I do check entries & delete any that do not count. Thank You

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Luna's October $40 Goodie Pack GIVEAWAY

I know that the October Monthly giveaway isn't supposed to be posted until October 9th,but I wanted to get a jump start on the giveaway this way the winner can receive their Prize before Halloween.As you know each month I put together a Goodie Pack to giveaway to One Lucky winner,What is in the Goodie Packs? Each month there are different prizes to win,All are Unused & Unopened items.Some of the Items I have bought,some were extras included in Reviews I have done.

On top of Octobers Goodie Pack I will be posting a Second large Halloween giveaway on October 2nd,2010 which is an All Etsy sponsored event so keep your eyes out there are lots of Goodies to win.I know by this point most of you are Excited & ready to see what the Prizes are for October,But please Don't forget the Goodie bag for September is still running don't forget to Enter!

The Goodie Pack For October contains the Following:
1 Skull Scrabble Pendant made by Me [Burning Moon]
1 Orange/green/white/pink Key FOB by Me [Burning Moon]
1 Pair of black Spiral Earrings made by Me [Burning Moon]
1 Edward Cullen Mini Metal Lunch Box Tin
Handmade Cheetah Coin Purse
Whipped Mousse Blush by Gourmet Body Treats
2 DermaE skincare samples
1 small Matchbook Note book
1 Calming Lavender Spray Hand Sanitizer by PurMist
Dark Brown Mascara by TCW cosmetics
Lime eyeshadow sample by Providence & Grace
Wink [Purple] eyeshadow sample by Providence & Grace
1 Box of Candy Sticks
Ant earrings by Under Glass
1 Grape Lip Balm by EcoLips
1 Raven Eyeshadow by Youngblood Cosmetics
1 Small BraBarette
Other small Surprises



Friday, September 24, 2010

Zylie the bear GIVEAWAY & Review

I think one of the toys that children can never really have enough of are Stuffed animals,they are tea party friends,cowboys,fairys,someone to help you fall asleep at night & much more all children love stuffed animals.I recently had the Honor to work with a company called Zylie The Bear,who creates an adorable Bear named Zylie & they have another bear which is a Panda named Shen.I do have to agree with the following statement from the company "This is no ordinary bear.with her fashionable clothes and charming personality, she’s more doll than stuffed animal. But still soft and cuddly like a teddy bear." the outfit Zylie comes in is so adorable I love her little denim pants & her small white jacket, but that is not all she comes with she also comes with a shirt,Purse,Small map,Diary,& Passport,along with a Book for your child to read.

My daughter loves the Zylie bear she received,since my daughter is only 21 months old it the bear will help her learn how to dress because the outfit on the bear can be taken off,my daughter enjoys taking the jacket off & putting it back on.You can visit the Zylie The Bear website to buy separate outfits for your bear,each outfit is for a different country that your bear has 'visited' Zylie has a series of books that tells about adventures in different places she has visited,One of my favorite things about this bear is that it has a feature for older kids & younger kids with a parent the passport of your bear has a special number in which you can log onto their website with to follow your bear around the world on her adventures.I personally think the outfits are a little high for normal 'parent' budgets at $20 each but they are so cute that they are worth it.Each bear is quite large in size it stands at 18" tall & stands Up right. ****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Zylie the Bear for the Review & Giveaway****

One lucky winner will win their own Zylie bear kit which comes with the things mentioned in my review (a $75)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fresh-Wave GIVEAWAY & Review

I have a few Announcements to post before I post todays giveaway.The first announcement I would like to make is that I am going to be posting the October Goodie Pack Giveaway early it will be posted This Saturday,I will be posting a Second Big Halloween giveaway on October 2nd.Another Early announcement starting in Early November I will be working on & posting a Christmas Shopping Guide & a Fairy Princess Birthday Guide for all of you to enjoy which will include lots of giveaways.

Now its time to move onto todays giveaway,As we all know teenagers & pets can result in nasty smells so candles,incense & other air friendly products come in handy.I recently did a review for a company called Fresh Wave who sells a variety of items to help your house smell its best.For my review I received a Stinky Dorm Kit (2-pack),Which contains one Fresh Wave 16 oz. Crystal Gel and one Fresh Wave 8 oz. Spray.The Crystal gels are neat because All i need to do is set them out & they absorb the smell in the house it nice for my cats corner because it helps keep the smell of their littler box smelling fresh,The container isn't big or bulky so it fits into small corners nicely.The spray is nice as well because it can be sprayed on carpets,furniture & more.Both are nice smelling & are not over whelming which is always a plus because I had cleaning products or smell products that have too strong of a scent.This is a perfect product for anyone who has pets or a teenager who lives with them.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Fresh Wave for the Review & Giveaway****

One lucky winner will win A Stinky Dorm Kit (2-pack)

GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER WINNER IS -#101 peripatetic33

Myfaceworks Review

Good Afternoon Blog Followers,I just wanted to let everyone know I will be posting todays giveaway though it may be posted a little late,I have a TON of house work to do today my mother will be taking my Daughter for the afternoon so I am taking this chance to clean the house from top to bottom including closets & cabinets.

I wanted to share a review with you before I start my boring cleaning,then once I am done cleaning I will post todays Giveaway along with some Info on some events happening for Halloween here on my blog. Recently I received a wonderful chance to work with a Company called Myfaceworks for a review I was sent A 'I need to wake up' box of 6 masks,A little info from their site 'This mask will unify your complexion and make your skin impeccably translucent.This is the little shot of sunshine you need every day for your face.Suitable for all skin types.' The masks are easy to remove from the packages,& the masks are thin so that when Applied to your face it doesn't feel weighed down.The masks have small holes for your eyes & nose so you can still breathe & see.The masks have a faint smell but it didn't really bother me,After using the mask you will want to wash your face with water at the least the masks do have Extra solution on them that will be on your face.After relaxing in the bath & using one of the 'I need to wake up' masks,I feel like new & my face feels fresh I like the feeling these masks give because it leaves my face smooth without feeling tight or dry.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Myfaceworks for the Review****

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peaceable Kingdom Press GIVEAWAY & Review

I wanted to start off todays first Giveaway by giving a Warm Welcome to all of my new blog followers I hope you enjoy everything I have to offer here on Burning Moon's Inside Advice.It has been a little while since I have had any giveaways for Kids/Toddlers so I wanted to post two of them here for you today.

I always love getting new books for my daughter to read ever since she has learned to open a book & flip through the pages she has loved reading,She likes looking at the photos & having someone read the book to her,Since she is still only a 21 Months old she can't have regular books because she still tries to tear the pages out so I like getting her Board books.I had a fun opportunity to work with a company called Peaceable Kingdom Press,For my review I received "So Many Animals Board Book Set" Each set comes with Three books they are a lot thicker than I though & have a ton of Animals in each book their is A Different Theme for each book which are "Farm Animals","Zoo Animals" & "Pets" I like that each book offers something different from the next its not just a picture of an animal with the name,For example the Farm animals shows the picture & name on one page & on the page opposite shows the noise the animal makes,the Zoo animals shows something that starts with the animals name such as 'Crafty Crocodile' & shows the crocodile knitting then in the Pets book it says the color of the animal they are showing such as 'Orange Cat'.The books are very sturdy & arrived very fast I enjoy these books because they are educational,not easy for my daughter to ruin & she has a fun time reading & looking through them I look forward to hopefully buying her the other two sets later this year.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Peaceable Kingdom Press for the Review & Giveaway****

One Winner will win their Choice of the following Sets: So Many Animals Board Book Set,Numbers, Colors, Shapes Board Book Set,One Great Day! Board Book Set


Gabriel Cosmetics Review

Everyone who knows me knows that I love Makeup in fact I am in charge of doing most of everyone's costumes this year including Makeup,& Latex.I am always happy to try out New makeup that I enjoy,I have a rather large collection of makeup that I love using,If your wondering what I do with the makeup that I don't enjoy as much or can't use I give it to one of my friends who will use it so that it still gets use.

I recently had a chance to work with a company called Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. Who sells a Wide Variety of makeup & skincare goods.For my review I received a ZuZu Luxe Lip Gloss in Mischief,ZuZu Luxe Mascara in Clear,Clear Mascara conditions lashes to create a natural look or tame wild brows,This gentle and non-irritating formula enriched with vitamins and herbal extracts will help protect each fragile eyelash and encourage maximum growth. The luxurious nylon brush is especially designed to add length while being clump proof and non-smudging. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.I also received A Brow Pencil in Flaux,& A ZuZu Luxe Mineral Bronzer.I wasn't able to use the Brow Pencil in Flaux,& A ZuZu Luxe Mineral Bronzer because they were too dark for my skin but I was able to use the ZuZu Luxe Lip Gloss in Mischief,ZuZu Luxe Mascara in Clear,The lip gloss is a gorgeous color that isn't too dark & not too light its almost a light rose color on your lips,The Mascara I haven't been able to tell a huge different yet but I can tell that they look a little healthier & I haven't had any stray eye lashes in a while so that is a plus.I have enjoyed trying out the Gabriel Cosmetics line I do plan on buying another tube or two of their lip gloss they have a lot of nice shades to choose from.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Gabriel Cosmetics Inc for the Review****

Eco Land Inc Review

Good Afternoon blog followers, Sorry for the non posting yesterday I was driving around town trying to find everything I need for my families Halloween Costumes this year,I will be providing you with an Extra giveaway today to make up for it.Do you have planned out what your going as? One thing I know I am going to wear for a fact is comfy shoes & socks since I will be on my feet most the night.

Recently I worked with a great company called Ecoland Inc who sells Organic clothing such as pants,socks,undies,ect for all ages including babies & Toddlers.For my review I received A Pair of
Women's moisturizing socks,& Women's drawstring pants the first thing I tried was the socks they are extremely comfortable & soft on my feet I like wearing them around the house but I also like wearing them out they help provide more cushion for my feet when I am out walking.I have washed these socks more than once & they still feel soft & comfortable like they did the day I received them.The Drawstring pants are very comfy as well though I will only wear these inside since the material is very light you can see everything you wear under it.But they are really nice PJ pants I wear them almost every night since they are comfortable to wear.I think the products from Ecoland Inc would make a great gift for anyone you know because of how nice they feel when being worn.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Ecoland Inc for the Review****

Small Announcement

I have a Small announcements for the Past Giveaway winners,Since it is now starting to get towards the Holiday season I have been noticing a Increase in time it will take to receive your Prizes each company takes their own amount of time to send out the giveaway prize that they will be giving out,Clothing companies take longer in some cases it may take 2-6 Months to receive your prize sometimes it even takes two months for myself to hear back from the company letting me know that they will be shipping the prize out soon.

I have received a few emails asking where certain prizes are,pants,dresses,ect I wanted to let you all know it may take a longer amount of time but everything will eventually reach the prize winners,I am sorry about this issue but there is nothing I can do to make prizes ship faster.Thank You.

Monday, September 20, 2010

MiracleBody Review

One more review today & then I will get onto the good stuff [Giveaway].Another product that I was tempted to wear to the concert yesterday was a product called MiracleBody which is a product designed to make you look '10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds' I am usually very skeptical about products that claim its easy to lose weight in a few easy steps,make you look smaller,ect but I was willing to try it out.For my review I received a Black Scoop neck top in L,I am not overly heavy set I just have a small Pudgy belly sadly.When I received the shirt I was excited to try it on,The shirt consists of two layers the first is a very soft cotton/silk that is stretchy & the inner layer is a Tight spandex layer which helps hold your 'Belly' into place they also make Pants & Body Suits.I did have a few slight issues with the Shirt because I don't think the shirt is small enough to actually make my belly look slightly smaller,but I couldn't get a size any smaller because my 'girls' are rather large so the Large shirt was already tough getting it on because I had to 'Wiggle' it down until it was past my chest then it pulled down properly.I love the outer layer of the shirt because it is really soft I would want a dress made out of the same material.

Though I couldn't get the shirt to work properly I would like to try their pants I am confident that they will work.They also sell Skirts & Leggings.All of their products are at pretty decent prices.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by MiracleBody for the Review****

Vitamin Shampoo Review

It has been a very busy weekend,As many of you know who read my post on Saturday yesterday I attended a Concert which one of my favorite bands of Seven years was at,What band was it? It was Avenged Sevenfold they put on an amazing show & had a heart warming dedication to the Rev [Their drummer that passed away earlier this year].Today the busy busy continues with cleaning the house & then hosting a BBQ.

Part of getting ready for the concerts I go to is showering,makeup,& hair like any normal girl & most guys who wants to look dirty or smell when they go out? One of the products I used to make me smell well Yummy is a product I am about to chat about.Recently I did a review for a company called Vitamin Shampoo & Conditioner I received Two of their conditioners & let me just say these really do smell Yummy enough to eat I thought because they are vitamin packed & good for your hair that they would smell funky much to my surprise it smells very sweet like a candy/cupcake though I can't put my finger on what exactly they smell like at first I thought they smelled like Bubble Gum but it is too fruity to smell like bubble gum so my Mind has been drawing a blank at what to pin point the smell as.It only takes a small amount each time your in the shower to get a great lather,I love the fact that it not only smells good but when I get out of the shower my hair looks,feels & smells amazing,I have enjoyed using Vitamin Shampoo & Conditioner I give it a five out of five star rating including packaging,It comes in an almost weight shaped bottle which is easy to hold & open when you have wet hands.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Vitamin Shampoo for the Review****

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pillow Sew Cute GIVEAWAY & Review

I am sorry about my late night post I meant to post it early today but had a spur of the moment need to get out of the house so My daughter,My mother & I all spent a few hours at the park playing & running around.While sitting at the park I started thinking about what I would want to post as tonight's giveaway & I thought why not post something park related?

Part of being a parent always means pre packing bags & diaper bags with all of your daily & outing needs,such as making sure you have drinks,snacks,band aids,the works.I have been wanting a first aid kit but the first Aid kit I want is too expensive for the time being so I was trying to think of a cute alternative so I was very happy to get a chance to work with a Etsy shop called Pillow Sew Cute who makes a fantastic product called an Ouch Pouch.I receive a Medium Asian Scroll Fabric Ouch Pouch filled with First aid goodies it contained a Spray neosporin,Wipes,Sunblock,a Lollipop,& Hand sanitizer The Idea of an ouch pouch is wonderful its not a huge bulky box you need to carry around its a simple small snap button case for your first aid needs,I have since added band aids,small packets of aspirin [For the adults not my daughter],& another lolli pop for if she gets hurt at the play ground.I think it is the perfect size for my diaper bag & fits well in my purse if i don't feel like carrying a heavy diaper bag around.I can even keep this in my cars glove box if I needed too.You can use an Ouch Pouch for toddler needs,children needs or even adult needs if you like having things such as this handy,Pillow Sew Cute offers girl,boy & adult pattern Ouch Pouches she even has new Halloween pouches up which I am tempted to get I love the Bat pattern ouch pouch.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Pillow Sew Cute for the Review & Giveaway****

One lucky winner will win Their choice of a Small 4 x 5 Ouch Pouch that will come filled with goodies [First aid goodies].


Kuhn Rikon Review

Tomorrow is my 'Blog Free Day' where I won't be blogging instead I will be catching up on things such as Emailing winners,Emailing companies,House work,Ect & I also happen to be going out with my DH & some friends for the night we will be attending a Concert,Which concert? We will be going to the UPROAR tour featuring my favorite band Avenged Sevenfold ,Disturbed,Stone sour & More.You can see a Photo I choose of Avenged Sevenfold below,I choose this because it screams Halloween to me.

Sometimes I get extra excited when reviewing a product because of how great it does work,I recently had a chance to work with a wonderful company called Kuhn Rikon which sells Cooking Tools.They are a Swiss company who provides wonderful products for everyone all over the world,for my review I received The Kulu Herb & Vegetable Knife in green.At first since the blade on this looks very small I wasn't sure how well it would work when cutting up things,but let me tell you that its amazing & simple to use so far I have cut up Tomatoes,Onions,Carrots & more with this I chopped the onions up very small which was impossible to reach that size with a normal knife,Slicing things such as tomatoes & cucumbers is a breeze the knife glides right though them & because of the rounded knife it has its easy to 'Rock' the knife on the cutting board to make sure everything is minced up well.The knife has a very sharp high carbon Japanese steel blade,& comes with a safety sheath included,I also like how the handle is shaped it is comfortable to hold,I give this knife ten stars out of ten,I would love to try some of their other tools.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Kuhn Rikon for the Review

SodaStream Review

One of the things I think we spent the most money on monthly is Soda,I am not a huge soda fan but my DH drinks it like he has never had anything to drink before,So I was happy to review a SodaStream machine,What is a SodaStream? Its a great little machine that you keep in your kitchen to make Water into soda,It is easy to set up & easy to use. I have to admit the first time I tried it i was nervous & didn't want to put too much CO2 into it so it ended up tasting like coke that had sat out opened for a day,The second time I tried it,it was much better it tasted like store bought Coke.I was sent an assortment of Drinks flavors including flavoring for Flavored water,so far my Family & I have enjoyed all of the flavors we have tried & it helps save a lot of Money since we don't have to buy a ton of two liters,If you run out of CO2 you just simply need to exchange you old empty can for a new can.I like the fact that it doesn't take up a ton of room in my kitchen having a small kitchen to begin with space is limited & needs to be used wisely this fits perfectly into the corner of my counter where it is easy to use.I give this product two thumbs up! ****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Sodastream USA for the Review****

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mistura GIVEAWAY & Review

I would like to present you with a Company Called Mistura who sells makeup kits.For my review I received the Mistura Travel Mini which includes 1/8th ounce jar of our luscious Luminada illuminating moisturizer, a clam-shell of the 6-in-1 Beauty Solution and a baby Kabuki travel brush.Mistura 6 in 1 beauty solution is formulated to give customers a completely airbrushed finish in under one minute, the 6-in-1 Beauty Solution replaces 6 separate makeup application steps and provides users with an instant glow and natural looking coverage. Mistura is easy to use, spill-proof, long lasting and will work with your skin tones throughout the year to guarantee a perfect unified finish no matter the season.

I have to admit when I first received it I didn't think that one color/shade could possibly be matched to more than one person since everyone has different skin tones,I am very pale myself so most cover ups don't work with my Skin,But much to my surprise when you rub the Luminada illuminating moisturizer onto your skin it changes colors to blend in with your skin.Though I found if you don't rub it in just right it leaves unevenness.The baby Kabuki travel brush is super adorable & very soft to the touch I almost don't want to use it,I like it so much hahaha but I have been using it for my foundation application it works nicely.The Mistura make your skin look & feel nice.I enjoyed testing out this product.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Mistura for the Review & Giveaway****

One Lucky winner will Receive The Ultimate 6-in-1 Beauty Solution A $75 Value


Amberike Review

Today I will be posting a Etsy review or two & Then todays two giveaways.

The first review today is on a Small Etsy shop called Amberike who sells Handmade Button Bobby Pins,Button Earrings,Hair ties,Bookmarks & Much more.Recently for a review I received a Pair of Black /White bobby pins,Shipping was very fast I was surprised they arrived so early even though they ship from the state next door I have had most of my packages show up in the same amount of time a package from New York would take so I was happy to see the package in my mail box early.The bobby pins were all placed on a small piece of white card board,they looked very nice how they were arranged.Each bobby pin is well made with no extra glue hanging off,Each button is placed onto a well made Bobby Pin I have always bought the cheap bobby pins from the store so I was very happy with the quality of the bobby pins I received from Amberike because they have more room to open,Hold more hair,They are a nice silver color & don't snag my hair when I put them in or take them off.I am very impressed that the Owner makes all the fabric covered buttons by hand,They look gorgeous not a single thread out of place on them & no bumps everything is smooth & perfect.Feel free to stop by her shop to check out her other cute works of art,Have a question for her or want a custom order? She is very fast with her replies.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Amberike for the Review****

Giveaway Winners

I am almost caught up with everything that fell behind,I have been staying on top of House work & have posted plenty of giveaways during this month but what I have fallen behind on is announcing Giveaway winners,which is a small plus because it gave more people time to enter.Always remember if you Don't win there are always Plenty of other giveaways here on my blog to win! You can locate ALL of the current running giveaways by clicking the 'Giveaways' link on the right hand side of my blog in the top right corner.

Now its time to announce some Winners:

Fairy Wonderful Winner - #126 Julia
Man Groomer Winner -#207 Huguette E.
Herbal Hugs Pack Winner - #152 TiffsPixieDust
Constructive Eating Winner -#25 I'm a full-time mummy

PLEASE Remember If you Do Not do the Mandatory entry into a giveaway it will Void all of your entries making you unable to win,So please double check that you complete the Mandatory entry.Thank You

Winners will be contacted within 72 Hours.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Executive Gift Shoppe GIVEAWAY & Review

I don't want to over stuff you with Reviews so how about we move onto todays Giveaway? Also PLEASE remember I still have LOTS of giveaways up & running for your to enter don't forget to check them out.

We have covered Makeup,Girl items & Children items so now its time for a post that the Guys can relate to.I recently worked with a great company called Executive Gift Shoppe let me start off by saying WOW they have a large assortment of great items for everyone in the family at amazing prices,This review Item was picked out by my DH so I will post my opinion & his opinion on the item.My DH received The Rockford Collection 6 Ounce Black Leather & Stainless Steel Flask Gift Set with Our Last named Engraved on the front.My DH being an impatient person couldn't wait until this package arrived & kept asking where it was [Even when we just ordered it the day before] so he was super excited when it arrived.My DH isn't much into reading descriptions of items before deciding he wants them so he was surprised to see the flask comes with Four stainless steel shot cups instead of just one,It also comes with A Funnel.I am very impressed with the packaging this product came in,it was a Protective black box lined with foam to keep everything in place.I am also very impressed with the item as a whole including shipping & customer service Plus the prices are unbeatable I know where I will be doing a lot of my Christmas shopping for my DH this year.Not only does Executive Gift Shoppe carry Personalized Flasks but they also carry Engraved Zippo Lighters,Clocks,Home decor,Accessories & More they have so many items & ways to personalize those items it was hard to pick just one for the review but I am very happy with the product that was chosen & the service provided by the company.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Executive Gift Shoppe for the Review & Giveaway****

One Lucky Winner will get One item of Choice from their site up to $50 in Value.

RULES :(To be eligible for this giveaway contest you MUST do the MANDATORY entry below. You only need 1 Mandatory entry to enter, but you could also have Additional entries to maximize your chances, please remember to leave each entry in a separate comment box or it won't be counted).Please remember to leave your email so that I am able to contact you if you win.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Please visit Executive Gift Shoppe & Let me know what you might pick if you win.

*Fan Executive Gift Shoppe on Facebook -1 Entry
*Follow Executive Gift Shoppe on Twitter -1 Entry
*Be a blog follower -3 Entries
*Add my blog button to your blog -3 Entries
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*Blog about this on your blog - 3 Entries
*Tweet about this giveaway [Include @Burningmoonprod] -1 Entry Per day
*Tweet about The Burning Moon Store -1 Entry per day
*Post about this giveaway on your Facebook -1 Entry
*Post why you would like to win -1 Entry
*Enter one of my other giveaways -2 Entries Each

This giveaway will end on October 13th,2010 & the winner will be announced on October 14th,2010.Winner will be picked using a random number generator.

Costume Discounters

I guess it is Easy to tell which days I have to do house work on & which days I am busy because I fall a bit behind on blog work,But Hey that is life everyone has one & not everyone can always get everything done on time.


As Many of you can tell when you go to the store,Look online,Visit Etsy Halloween is on its way Only 45 days away! Many are starting to plan what they are dressing their children & themselves as for Halloween this year,My family isn't 100% sure what theme we want to go as.Since it is time to start planning it couldn't hurt to buy a costume early could it? I recently had a wonderful chance to work with Costume Discounters for a review they sell Adult costumes,Teen costumes,kids costumes & toddler Halloween costumes,For my review My daughter was sent The Tinkerbell Costume for Toddler. The costume arrived fast & in great condition the outfit is the perfect size for my two year old,The materials are a little itchy so she has to wear a shirt under the dress but other than that everything looks great & fits my daughter perfect I am very happy with the customer service & product quality that Costume Discounters has provided,I would buy from them again both for Kid Costumes & adult costumes they have a nice selection of both to look through I can spend quite some time on their site looking through all the products.You can see a picture of the Tinkerbell Costume for a Toddler below.Costume Discounters also has accessories,makeup,& More at great prices,The tinker bell costume you see below is only $25 your daughter will be able to play in this dress even when Halloween is over. ****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Costume Discounters for the Review****

****Want to see the Other posts in my Halloween Shopping guide including the Halloween GIVEAWAYS? On the Left upper hand side of my blog is a 'Search' bar simply type in the Word 'Halloween' & all of my Halloween guide reviews will pop up.****

CSN Review

Before I can post todays Giveaway(s) there are a couple Reviews I need to get posted first,You get BONUS entries into my upcoming giveaways for commenting on these reviews.Thank You

I absolutely love a website called CSN it has Hundreds of stores,thousands of items & a great selection of products.Recently I worked with CSN on a product review of some of their Childrens items.I was sent a sixty dollar gift card to get what ever Item I wanted from the site,It was really hard picking out what I wanted because there were so many great Items.I ended up picking a Le Café Play Tent[Seen below],& A My Very Own 26 Piece Tea Cart Set[Seen above].I was surprised at how fast the arrived to my house at first I wasn't sure what it was because I honestly didn't think that it would send so fast but much to my surprise it was in the package.The tea set arrived a few days later,I am very happy with both items they are great products at amazing prices,they always have amazing sales & free shipping on a lot of their Items.The quality of their items are beyond amazing they are always above & beyond the standards I have for most childrens toys since everything is mass produced. The Le Café Play Tent is a great size for children to play in it holds up to Four Children,If your child has a big enough room with extra space it is perfect for indoors & outdoors,I love the fact that is has a little 'patio' type area on it to put a small chair or table under.The My Very Own 26 Piece Tea Cart Set is the perfect size for a young child & the colors go great with little girl decor,It is a perfect match for tea parties & play kitchens.I only wish I had toys similar to this when I was a child.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by CSN for the Review****

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Abbamart GIVEAWAY & Review

Yesterday was a day Dedicated to Jewelry with two fun jewelry giveaways,Lets do Makeup & tomorrow I will have Guy Friendly items for all the Men out there.Lets get todays makeup giveaway rolling the first company I want to present to you is called Abbamart who sells Beauty supplies such as brushes,Bottles,cases,ect.For my review I received a 14 Piece Natural Makeup Brush Set with Case which is Made with soft, natural hair and used professionally by makeup artists in cosmetic schools and salons.

When the brushes arrived I was excited to get them open,I love brushes & other makeup accessories as much as I love my makeup collection your makeup brush makes a Huge difference in how your makeup is applied,Some let you make thin lines to add more details others give you a big thick bold line.I was surprised at how large the case was I thought It would be smaller though I Love the case it is black leather [May be pleather],with a Roll out carrying pockets.Each brush has a Plain black handle,the bristles on the brushes feel nice & soft many of the brushes can with a protective cover over them.I haven't used all the Brushes yet but the brushes I have used I have enjoyed using,they feel very soft against your eye lids & cheeks. Abbamart sells wonderful Beauty Accessories & I would use them again for my beauty needs.
****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Abbamart for the Review & Giveaway****

One lucky winner will win a 14 Piece Natural Makeup Brush Set with Case a $40 Value!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He Qi Crystal Designs GIVEAWAY & Review

Ready to Win more Jewelry? Today I am featuring both posts on great Jewelry shops! This gives all of you Jewelry lovers a double chance to win something pretty for yourself or for a loved one.One of the things I am addicted to is Moon shaped pendants,gems,candle holders ect so I always love finding gorgeous jewelry with a pretty moon on it.

I was very happy to get a chance to work with a company called He Qi Crystal Designs,Who not only makes Jewelery but Beauty Products as well.For my Review I received the Whimsical Cuties: Moon, Heart and Star Necklace w/ AB Moon though The owner was kind enough to add an Extra Eiffle tower for me,The necklace arrived very fast in adorable packaging.I LOVE the chain this necklace came on it is very unique because the chain isn't your normal round links but it is small dainty hearts linked together.I also enjoyed the fact that it came with a Jewelry care Instruction sheet & A Bonus gift which was a small Plum Eyeshadow sample.The necklace its self looks great very well put together,cute charms & bails.The colors flow nicely together I love wearing this necklace out it is a great compliment to a black shirt or dress.He Qi Crystal Designs has Friendly,fast & easy customer service it was a joy working with them,I have told many of my friends about this site I love many of the Jewelry pieces from the site for example the earrings below.I have not tested out the Plum eye shadow sample because I own too much makeup so I am including it in this months Goodie bag giveaway you can also win a Vanilla sugar scrub by He Qi Crystal Designs in this months Goodie Bag Giveaway.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by He Qi Crystal Designs for the Review & Giveaway****

One lucky winner will win the Bracelet & eye shadow pictured below