Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vacation for a Day

I will be taking a small Vacation today everyone needs one once in a while,I am not feeling the best today though I am not sure why.I also have some family plans that will last me most of today [10:30am-7pm] so I will be unable to post the Giveaway for today but I will be back first thing tomorrow with a fun giveaway! & possible pictures from today.

Please feel free to use this time to Catch up on any Giveaways you might have missed that you want to enter there are many up to enter for Jewelry,toys & More,You can find all my current giveaways by clicking on the 'Giveaway links' on the Right hand side of my blog.Don't forget there are Only SIX more days to enter the $60+ Goodie bag giveaway & then a new goodie bag will be posted for you to win. I hope everyone is having a fun & safe weekend.


  1. have a safe and fun mini vacation

  2. Thank you! I had a great Mini Vacation very relaxing to be able to take a break.