Thursday, August 12, 2010

Susan Brown's Baby Review

Most pregnant women dread the thought of getting Stretch marks if You prepare & take care of your skin before you gain the baby belly & continue to do so both during the whole nine months & after you give birth then you can avoid getting those nasty little purple lines all over your skin.Sadly I didn't think I would get any but ended up with four tiny stretch marks on each side of my belly,Though after using a product called Scartini they are fading away but still visible so I have been trying out different stretch mark creams,lotions ect to find which work best while I try these products I will post them here so others with the same problem may be able to find a solution as well.

Recently I worked with a company called Susan Browns Baby,Not only do I think the site is super adorable but they also have Five locations here in Arizona where they sell their supplies So I can get more when I need to.For my review I received the Stretch Therapy Warming Masque here is a little info from their site '"This revolutionary masque warms and exfoliates while it hydrates with First Skin Emollient Complex, a dermatologist tested array of rich botanical moisturizers including Shea and cocoa butters. Oil Free With Dermatologist Tested First Skin™ Emollient Complex No Parabens No Animal Ingredients No Animal Testing" I think this product is great it makes my skin feel soft & smooth after I use it, the warming effect is nice for when its chilly though I don't notice a huge change in the cold/warm effect with the cream,But I do like watching the small beads change color its effective & fun to watch while it works.I think this would be a great product for anyone who is currently pregnant or wants to have another little one soon.For a special time you can Use the coupon code “BMOON” through the end of September to receive 20% off any order you place through their Online store.**This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Susan Browns Baby for the Review**


  1. I have not had any children but have slight stretch marks i might look into this to see if it can help me

  2. I wish they had more ointments and creams for stretch marks when i had my children many years ago