Saturday, August 14, 2010

No Cry Potty Book Review

Part of being a Parent means preparing for everything that comes with having a child Cuts,Scraps,Bruises,Tantrums,Teething,Colds,& more but one of the things I was not looking forward to as my Daughter got older was Potty Training.My daughter is almost Two years old,For a bit while she was 10 months old she was using her potty chair frequently but all of a sudden on day was terribly frightened of using her potty [Her potty sang a song when she did her business but it never bothered her before] shortly after she would cry & scream when ever she was placed onto the potty,We recently started trying to potty train her again only this time using the 'Grown up' potty she has used it a few times though is more interested in putting the toilet paper in the toilet being a First Time parent with hardly any other friends that are parents I wasn't sure if this was normal.

Recently for a review I worked with Elizabeth Pantley who has written many helpful guides & books for first time parents.For my review I received the No Cry Potty Book which is a book that runs down all the basics of potty training,signs your child is ready or not ready to train,& has a number of FAQ from parents wondering about the same Potty Training Issues.When the book arrived I was very happy to start reading the book to see what Advice & helpful tips it can offer my DH & myself for the up coming potty training 'battle', I was very surprised & impressed that she signed a small note in the book before she sent it.One of my favorite things about this book is not only does she have helpful information from when she trained all four of her children but a group of potty training children & parents also let them selves be part of the research for the book.I have found many helpful tips in this book including how to make it less of a traumatic experience for the child & to help the relax while using the big potty,I also found some information that I hope my daughter never tried such as trying to touch her 'Business' but the book also offers information on that as well.I love all the information this book holds including a list of good & bad foods for babys digestive system & much more this is a read I suggest to any new parents about to potty train.At only $13 USA [$17 Canada,$8.99 UK] a book with as much information is in it I think the price is perfect.Her website offers Advice,Links & More for you to use as you please,feel free to check out the website.**This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Elizabeth Pantley for the Review**

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  1. If i had a child i would love something like this i dont want to rush into potty training either seems scary