Friday, August 13, 2010

Green Party Goods Review

As we all know you should never trust everything you read in an article or hear on TV because a good percentage of the time it is a fib, Recently I read an article on Yahoo that was talking about Food 'Fads' that are going out of style one of the things that was mentioned as becoming non popular are cupcakes reading the article made me laugh because I beg to differ Cupcakes to me seem to be becoming bigger than they used to be,It used to be a pain to make tons of cupcakes for parties,school activities ect but now with all the fun cupcake wraps,decorations,stands & more it makes it easier to make lots of cupcakes at once I have noticed a Huge amount of people using cupcake stands at birthday parties & even substituting their wedding cake for cupcakes instead which is what I will also be doing for my own wedding it saves a lot of hassle & waiting in line for your slice of cake to be cut then put onto a plate.

Recently for a review I had a chance to work with a great company called Green Party Goods on a review.For my Review I received a Square cupcake stand which stands 20 inches tall.When I received the cupcake stand I was very happy to find easy instructions on how to put the stand together,It also came in a perfect storage box that can slip right into my closet,I haven't had a chance to actually use the cupcake stand but I plan on using this stand at my Daughters 2nd Birthday in December & I plan on using this at my Wedding in place of a wedding cake,This square stand holds up to 125 regular sized cupcakes.I love the idea of a cupcake stand because you can literally use any color cupcake wrapper & mix colors,create designs,& place them how ever you would like.Since this is easy to assemble & take apart it is easy to store then reuse when you need it very eco friendly.I also plan on buying some of the cupcake decorations from Green Party Goods as my daughters birthday becomes closer they have a great selection & amazing prices.**This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Green Party Goods for the Review **


  1. I agree that is an odd thing for them to say is going out of style i see cupcakes every where

  2. That is a cute idea I have seen some really nice looking displays for cupcake stands in some cooking mags