Thursday, August 26, 2010

Giveaway Winners!

Today was a long & busy day I am finally able to sit down & relax,& I have a LOT of Giveaway Winners to announce since I am a little behind on announcing them,If you Do Not see your name please do not worry there are plenty of other giveaways to enter to win! With Many more on the way.

Congratulations to Todays winners. Please NOTE that since there are so Many winners I will not be able to send out separate emails since it will take too much time,so I will be sending One big email letting you know you are the winner,In the email I will have a link to this post,some of the giveaways Require you to pick a color,size,or item of your choice PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK the giveaway [Click on the giveaway name below] you won for this information so you can include it in your email to me to claim your prize.Thank You.

The Winners are as Follows:

Warm Buddy Winners - #40 Claude [Wins the Body Wrap] & #13 Shooting Stars Mag [Won the Warming Sheep]
YoungBlood Winner - #32 Katie
Love Bottle Winner - #67 Cannaria
KiwiContacts Winners - #177 Thifa,#13 0910beh,#199 Angel Jacklyn,#171 Ashley Tan,& #5 skaki
Makeup Organizer Winner - #401 Binara
Jewelry Organizer Winner - #12 missreneer
Pearl Bracelet Winner - #165 Ladytink_534
Sock Monkey Winners - #8 WiseoldGrandma & #179 Dhesh
BonitaJ Winner - #83 Donna
Frolicat Winner - #38 kyla g
Streekers Winner - #164 pam

*Also please remember to see a list of ALL current running giveaways please click on the 'Giveaways' link located on the right hand side of my blog.Keep an eye out for all the new & Exciting giveaways coming soon.