Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Costume Super Center Review

Most of the time when you think of dress up costumes you think about Halloween but that isn't always the case,sometimes Adults like to dress up for fun,For events such as LARP,The Ren. festival & the Comicon so costumes are a popular buy all year long while buying online your not 100% guaranteed the costumes will be the best quality or fit your correctly so Always remember to double check the size & read the reviews they will be helpful when it comes to who to buy your costume from this Halloween or for any other occasion that might call for a costume.I recently received the chance to work with a company called Costume Super Center

For my review I received the Corrupt Cop Costume Why did I pick this outfit? I choose this out fit because though it is slightly revealing & a little 'Sexy' it is not over the top with body parts hanging out,& everything exposed,I like showing off for my DH but I also like to keep everything in my own Comfort zone.When the Costume arrived I was very excited to take it out of its package & examine it,The costume came with: Cop dress w/ pop on Necklace[Can attach to dress if you want it to],A cop hat,An evidence bag,A small baggie,A fake syringe [No needle] & a Fake razor blade necklace.The outfit looks great & fits really well the neck piece bugged me a little but I easily took it off,I know it is impossible but I wish that you could choose the size hat you need for the outfit I had to order a 1X in the dress because I have a rather large chest,The hat that came with it was way too large when I put it on it covered my eyes Though I didn't like the hat much to begin with the materials felt cheap.The little accessories that came with the outfit were wonderful other wise everything was well made & super cute.The prices are pretty decent as well compared to other costume sites,they also have a nice selection of costumes for Adults as well as Children.All of their Costumes are at low prices They also sell Sexy costumes & Many regular Womens costumes .What do you plan on going as for Halloween this year? [That is if you celebrate the Holiday].**This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Costume Super Center for the Review**


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