Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby Prodigy Review

It is important to all parents to provide their children with fun toys & DVD's that will help their children learn along the way but how do you decide if something is helpful & worth the money? There are a number of ways from talking to friends who have used the same DVD or reading reviews on the products which you can find good & bad reviews on virtually every product out there.One of the number one products out there today is Learning DVD's for Babies/Toddlers/Children but not every video is the best for learning use,I am like most parents I want my Daughter to be able to watch something fun while learning while watching it but I am very weary about spending $20 on a DVD if I do not know weather it is worth the money or not.

I recently received a chance to work with a Company called Baby Prodigy who is slowly but surely becoming a commonly heard name,Each of their DVD covers are cute & baby friendly with bright colored shapes,animals & babies.For my Review I received two DVD's 30 Minutes to a quiet baby & Baby's first words. To me the videos felt like they were for new borns - 12 months so my daughter wasn't very entertained by them so I gave them to my friend who had a little boy four months ago we watched them while at her house & her son seemed very happy sitting in his bumbo while watching the video,each video is very bright,friendly & happy.The Babies first words is very nice because they show the picture of the object the word on the screen & they say the word for the child to hear.Baby Prodigy not only sells DVD's but they sell CD's,& Toys for each stage of development.I do think this is a good video for younger babies.The videos aren't short & they aren't super long either it is a decent length DVD **This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Baby Prodigy for the Review**


  1. Some of the videos such as this that i have watched while my friends children were watching them seem like they would scare children i like a lot of the older programs and shows for kids

  2. That video looks cute & helpful for babies