Friday, June 4, 2010

Crazy Baby Clothing Review

Most of you don't know this since I don't really post pictures of myself or my DH but my DH & I are rocker/metal parents I love anything having to do with metal bands for my daughter skulls,ect but I also love tinker bell,monkeys & ducks for my daughter. I am always on the look out for cute 'Alternative' or Rock Baby Clothes that isn't just pink or purple in my Search I managed to find Crazybabyclothing which offers Rock Baby Clothes, band shirts,metal shirts,rocker shirts,hat,ect I automatically loved this website. I got a great chance to review one of their new Rockstar Onesies,My daughter is 18 months so she doesn't wear onsies too often but when she does I like them to be long sleeve to keep her warm while sleeping or while were out & its cold out,& Short sleeve for when we go on car rides to the store ect by itself or with pants over them, so I got my review item in 18-24 months,The onesie I got from Crazybabyclothing is white my daughter loves to spill what ever is in her sippy cup at the time all over herself but this Onesie will be good for when we go out for cars rides(& I can also dye it),The Rock Baby Clothes onesie arrived faster then I expected & feels great it is soft & stretchy perfect for baby skin.It looks great on my daughter I like how it isn't too tight & she is still free to run around as she likes.**This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Crazybabyclothing for the review & Giveaway**

I was going to post a picture of my daughter in this onesie but my camera died,I really need to buy rechargeable batteries.Please feel free to check out their site & take a look at their other Rock Baby Clothes,diapers bags,gift sets & More on their Website.I will have many more baby reviews & giveaways heading your way soon =]


  1. aww..those baby clothes are so freakin adorable!!!
    i think i'm gonna have to save now for my future niece/nephew!!
    my sis are getting married next year..
    i'm hopin to get a new niece/nephew to play with!!!:)

  2. I wish I had children i would buy clothes for them on that site my sister is having a baby soon though so i will check out their site some more

  3. I just visited their website and they have very great baby products! I like their Camo Baby Clothes :)

  4. Reading this review makes me want to have baby soon

  5. I like metal, too ;)
    But I don´t like skulls :(

  6. I like the design on the onesie they have very cute toddler and baby clothes