Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tips on Packaging your Products!

It is a nice Cloudy slightly chilly day here in Arizona,So I wanted to take this down time to write a blog with tips on how to make your packages safer for your items & prettier for your customers.Looking for more ways to package your supplies or new Ideas to help "Spruce" up your packaging? Look no further I am here to offer you some valuable tips for packaging your products,Tips are provided from myself from personal experiences weather it is mistakes I have made or Mistakes others have made when sending me a package I will provide it all for you here.*No names of Etsy sellers,websites or store I have bought from that I have had bad packaging experiences with will be named.

First thing to remember when choosing which packing to use for your products is to choose a proper package or bubble mailer that Fits your product a little 'breathing' room is what most products need,Sometimes you may think your product needs to be packaged tighter or needs to be completely stuffed with packing peanuts that Is not always the case I have received an item or two that arrived broken because the packaging was too tight so when the package was being bounced around in the mail room instead of the item being able to have a small amount of 'bounce' room it just smashed up against what was tightly around it & broke.Also ALWAYS remember to mark your package properly according to your products,In big bold black sharpie on the back side of your package you should Always write 'Hand Stamp' (So that the stamping machine doesn't smash whats inside),'Do not bend',or 'Handle with care' on your package other wise your package could end up broken which owning your own Etsy store you do not want to happen because then you lose money having to replace it.

Looking for ways to make your package more exciting for your Customer? Customers love to see pretty packaging 80% of the time your packaging & its contents could be what brings you repeat customers.If you have an item that needs to be wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap try finding some Multi colored tissue paper instead of just going with black or white,Try holiday colors for certain Holidays like black & orange for Halloween.Customers also like to know that you care for them as a person & a customer you can do small things such as including a business card or two with special discount codes for the next time they buy,Including extra's gives you a chance that they will pass one onto a friend or family member,Another great way is to Include a hand written or sometimes typed Thank you note or card.Instead of plain brown bubble mailers you can try out colorful bubble mailers which can be found at most stores,99 cent stores & the post office.Remember to shop smart & save money if you check your local dollar store you can find packing supplies such as bubble mailers,document mailers,packing tape,bubble wrap & More.

Taking a little bit of time to make your packaging look nice,neat & professional can sometimes make the biggest differences compared to someone who doesn't.Looking for a way to make your actual product packaging More personal & Professional Please feel free to check out Who can make you amazing products using your Logo below you can see some of the work she has done for me:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tips on being more Eco friendly!

Good Morning blog readers I am here today to present you with some tips that will help you make your store a 'Greener' place to shop,Many of you may have been wondering how there are ways you can make your shop more Eco friendly for yourself & for your customers.

First lets start with Your product itself weather you make journals,Accessories or Jewelry there is always at least one way to incorporate recycled items into your work.If you work with Jewelry a good idea to use recycled items is to ask around your friends & family for their Unused & Unwanted jewelry or even goodwill/yard sale hunt you can then take the items you have found tear them apart & make them into something even more special & Eco friendly.If you work with Journals,you can also goodwill/yard sale hunt for books that are unfix-able,journals with only part of their papers still in it & reuse them to make new covers & pages for the journals or note books that you make.

A great way to become Eco friendly with your Shipping supplies to to Reuse packages you yourself have received from other sources,Did you get a large bubble mailer that has No writing on one half of it? Cut it in half & use the clean half to send out your smaller item you will just simply need to use clear packing tape to close the cut side of your package,If you have received a box that has a sticker,or Small name/address written on it you can either remove the sticker or place a taped piece of paper on it with the new name/address,You can even do the same with the packing peanuts that are sent out in most Packages instead of throwing them away why not reuse them? It saves you time & money,plus its recycling so its a win/win for you.

I myself have reused packaging & old jewelry to create new works of art it is amazing what you can turn one or two broken pieces of jewelry into.Explore your options & save your wallet from becoming empty you could be spending more money than you have to.Also keep an eye out for Packaging tips & More coming your way soon.Thank You

Please leave a comment with ways that You help the world become 'Greener'

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blog update & Product Reviews

Wow it is time to KICK back into action,the start of this month has been crazy! If it wasn't family dying,being sick,or major events packed into the last two months then it was my internet problems, Myself Luna owner of Burning Moon would like to apologies for my absence lots of things have been happening that are beyond my control.I am starting to kick myself back into gear I will be listing lots of my Extra Destash I finally went through Beads,Charms,Ribbons,Findings,Card making Paper,Foam & Much more along with lots of new items I have been working on over the past week Rings,Earrings,Hair clips & More.I will be writing & posting how to guides for all of my lovely fans including how to 'Spruce' up your packaging,I will be writing more reviews,& doing as many giveaways as I can.

Thank you to all of my fans who have stuck with me through the not so best of times.Today I would like to present you with Two wonderful etsy shops the first is who offers a wide range of items for your view pleasures she offers everything from Clothing,Jewelry,even to Bath salts plus Much much more.I got to review one of her super cute Clay Critters(Image found below),She made me a adorable small Purple dragon which she finished & shipped out in less than 24Hrs amazing shipping & creating time if you ask me.Her package arrived within three days,Dragon was packaged with care & love.The dragon its self looks great,You can use your critter to put on display,use in your garden or small house plants,really anything you can think of though I wouldn't suggest clay critters for anyone under the age of six due to small parts that may come apart if enough pressure is applied.

Photograph of Purple Dragon:

Next I would like to present you with who makes gorgeous cards for all occasions including seasonal cards,I got to review a very cute Spring card which doubles as an Animal lover or Easter card,I used mine to send spring greetings to a relative.Shop owner shipped out promptly the card arrived to me before the designated time I thought it would take to get here,which is a plus in my book.The card came with a clean white Envelope,Seller is very kind & easy to work with I would suggest this shop to anyone who needs cards for any occasion,You will experience Professional products,fast shipping & great customer service Please see the image below to review the card I received.

Spring card:

For the Final shop today I would like to present you with who makes Play silks of all lengths & colors for your Imaginative needs as well as those of your children.If you are not familiar with play silks they are small or sometimes large pieces of Silk,or other fabrics that can be played with freely or attached to a stick to be used as a streamer.Children can use play silks to play dress up,house,as a cape,or even a Magic carpet play silks have an endless limit to what your child can use them for.My daughter has personally had a blast playing with these she likes walking around while waving them in the air as well as playing peak a boo with them(My daughter is 1 1/2 years old) I recommend this shop to Anyone who has children,grandchildren or anyone who would like to play with them for themselves.

Play Silk:

Thank You for taking your time to read through this blog post I look forward to sharing Tips,Shops & More with you through out this year.Also please have a look through my online store I have MANY new items & supplies heading your way.Have a good day be on the look out for my Packaging Tips post coming later this week!

*All products received for review for this post was sent free of charge.