Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentines Giveaway!

The winner of last weeks Giveaway is: Post #3 "K" nadia[dot]torrieri[at]gmail[dot]com

It is Finally time for the giveaway you have all been waiting for! I love all of my followers so much that I love putting together BIG giveaways for you all to enter,After all my fan's & follower's are the reason my blog is a success.I have been busy the last month sharing some amazing etsy shops with you,now some of those shops have some very special items to offer just for YOU to enter to win.There will be 25+ ways to enter so that means 25+ Entries per person now that's a nice percentage that You could win. There will be ONE winner & 10 prizes to win plus little bonus items.I also have Many Many more giveaways coming this month for all of you to enter If you don't win this time don't worry there is Always next time!

What you will Win:

*Please NOTE: Truffles are not shown & My camera is still acting up will post a better photo when I can

Everything you will win:

A half dozen Truffles(You choose flavor) - By Hitsthespot
A Key FOB White cheetah print -By Emptynestcrafts
A red fused glass ring -By Strappedbelts
Flower Wine charms -By amystreasuries
A kitty collar charm - By ModCreations
Heart shaped Crayons -By GaddyNipperCrayons
Heart shaped cookie earrings -By Emariecreations
A Beaded pen - By Dava6
Illustrated art card -By Schin
A four pack of post cards -By Theaschultheiss
& Other random prizes.