Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Product Review Tuesday Feb.9th

I am SORRY for the late blog post I spent today making my grandma feel better my Great Aunt passed away last night.Things on my blog will either be slow or packed this week I am trying to fit everyone into their own days here on my blog.Thank you for understanding.

To start off this week I would like to present you with some shops I had the Honor of reviewing.In the upcoming month I will have some helpful posts for you Packaging tips,Recycling tips,Giveaways & More it is going to be fun.

The first review I would like to do today will make you laugh so hard you will cry like I did,I would like to present you with Flytrap who makes cute,funny snarky cards & notes for friends,loved ones,ect.

I got to review:

The card arrived within three days of being sent out,The envelope seemed pretty thick so I wasn't sure if there was more than one card upon opening the card I found a lovely surprise which was a free sampler pack of their little "note cards" which you can either give people,leave random places,or place on cars.Their cards are very thick I liked writing on the paper they used although with the way I right & the type of paper used the paper formed the shape of my arm while I wrote I had to straighten it out before I put it in its envelope.The envelope that came with it is a mystery to me I can't tell what color it is supposed to be but it is gorgeous I want to keep it for myself oddly enough.Their cards come with a cute little note attached that has a discount code in it, I loved their cards so much that I am going to buy them when ever I get the chance, If you & your loved one like joking around as much as my fiance & myself do head over & pick one up you can either say "I love everything about you especially your ****" or another snarky love card.*Note word removed due to the request of another featured artist they didn't see fit to being featured with this card

Second I would like to present a shop that all of you ladies will love please give a warm hello to Little Spaniel's Crafts

I got to review:

Her body scrubs arrived very fast & were safely packaged inside of some studding peanuts.Each scrub is packaged in an adorable little jar with a label & a ribbon to match the color of the lid.Containers are easy to open while washing your face/body weather it be in the shower or at your sink.Her scrubs make your face & skin feel wonderful the small sugar grains in the scrubs help rub off dead skin,& clean out pores, You only need a very small amount to cover your face/small area of skin so these jars will last you for at least 1-2 months depending on how many times you use them while you bathe.Each scrub smells amazing in its own way, & since it is all Natural ingredients it will not irritate your skin & is vegan friendly.

Third I would like to present you with a shop that makes one of my personal favorite items please say hello to fairytalesandphotos

I got to review:

Her sock monkey arrived very fast & safely wrapped this monkey is unbelievably cute each of her monkeys comes with one free out fit & a free head band,Her monkey is perfect no stitch out of place,no threads hanging off,& I love the fact that her sock monkeys have longer legs,arms & tails than normal sock monkeys do.These monkeys are perfect for monkey lovers like myself but please do have caution when using around small children the eyes are stitched on buttons.Her sock monkeys come from a smoke free home & do not smell like any smoke or animal which is really nice.I would recommend this store to anyone who loves monkeys,has kids 6+ or loves stuffed animals.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentines Giveaway!

The winner of last weeks Giveaway is: Post #3 "K" nadia[dot]torrieri[at]gmail[dot]com

It is Finally time for the giveaway you have all been waiting for! I love all of my followers so much that I love putting together BIG giveaways for you all to enter,After all my fan's & follower's are the reason my blog is a success.I have been busy the last month sharing some amazing etsy shops with you,now some of those shops have some very special items to offer just for YOU to enter to win.There will be 25+ ways to enter so that means 25+ Entries per person now that's a nice percentage that You could win. There will be ONE winner & 10 prizes to win plus little bonus items.I also have Many Many more giveaways coming this month for all of you to enter If you don't win this time don't worry there is Always next time!

What you will Win:

*Please NOTE: Truffles are not shown & My camera is still acting up will post a better photo when I can

Everything you will win:

A half dozen Truffles(You choose flavor) - By Hitsthespot
A Key FOB White cheetah print -By Emptynestcrafts
A red fused glass ring -By Strappedbelts
Flower Wine charms -By amystreasuries
A kitty collar charm - By ModCreations
Heart shaped Crayons -By GaddyNipperCrayons
Heart shaped cookie earrings -By Emariecreations
A Beaded pen - By Dava6
Illustrated art card -By Schin
A four pack of post cards -By Theaschultheiss
& Other random prizes.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentines Guide Review #5

We are on the very last chapter of our Valentines Shopping guide, We have been introduced to many Unique Etsy shops,Today I would like to share the last four with you & of course the giveaway you have all been waiting for is going to be posted THIS Thursday! I hope all or some of you have found items you would like to purchase for your Valentine this year,it is nice to help out fellow crafters.Today my Product reviews are PACKED full of goodies for you to win this upcoming Thursday.

First I would like to present you with Hitsthespot.Etsy.com she sells baked treats that will make your mouth water just by seeing a photo of the beautiful creations she makes.

I got to review:

Now keep in mind here that the picture above is taken by the shop owner,With a toddler & two full grown adults with a major sweet tooth her little sample box she sent didn't last long.Her packaged arrived Priority mail within two days,Her treats were each wrapped separately & in small cello bags that have a beautiful white swirl design on them.Her truffles are mouth watering,They are very rich the outside coating is Chocolate(you choose flavor) & the center is a cake/brownie consistency my daughter went nuts with these when she was done stuffing her little baby cheeks she was a mess.Her cookies were delightful but my favorite of all is her White Chocolate rasp. Cheesecake cookie it is to Die for.Her adorable little package also came with a sweet personal note I found her to be a great seller to work with,she is by far my favorite treats shop I have tried from etsy so far if you have a sweet tooth her shop is the stop your looking for.Want to WIN a Half dozen of her Truffles? Enter the giveaway on Thursday

Second I want to share with you a shop that is fairly new to etsy but sells some very gorgeous fused glass Jewelry & belt buckles please welcome strappedbelts.etsy.com

I got to review:

They shipped their rings at an amazing speed I wasn't expecting them this soon at all so it was a nice surprise.Each ring was nicely wrapped in tissue paper to keep it safe while it was being shipped,They also included an extra roll of Tissue paper so that the rings would not slid in the package.Each ring is very unique in its own away my favorite is the blue with the black "flicks" throughout it,The rings feel nice on your ringer since there is not any rough edges & the rings are Adjustable. Want to WIN one of the above rings? Enter the upcoming giveaway!

Third I want to present to you Emariecreations.etsy.com who makes Unique hand crafted jewelry out of clay.

I got to review:

Her earrings arrived really fast in very cute packaging each pair of earrings was on its own earring card.Each earring is so adorable it is a small cookie heart each has unique sprinkles on the little cookies,& each is made with love & dedication.I enjoyed these earrings because they were not too small or too big they had a nice median.Her earrings have a nice shape to them which I also enjoyed,her work is really simply amazing,She is also very sweet to work with if you want something custom she has it covered I would Highly recommend her for your jewelry needs.Want to WIN a pair of heart cookie earrings? Keep an eye out for the giveaway on Thursday.

Our final shop today is who makes Mini wallets,Key FOB's & More

I got to review:

This shipped super fast at first I was not sure what was in it because she does a beyond amazing job packaging it to make sure nothing gets damaged in shipped each was wrapped in its own layer of Bubble wrap. The wallet & Key FOB are very soft to the touch it has a nice smooth & cool feeling to it almost like satin.Stitching is professionally done I could not find any stitch out of place,both the wallet & key fob are very sturdy I have a feeling they will last for years to come.Her wallets are perfect for short on the go trips I take mine with me when I am going to the store it fits easily in my back pocket & holds my ID,Credit card,Money,Pen,Lip gloss & a thin pad perfectly.If your in need of a wallet or have an obsession with wallets you will love her store,but don't think she just has wallets & key fobs she has many more items to offer. Want to WIN this Key FOB? keep an eye out for Thursdays giveaway.