Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentines Guide Review #3

Good afternoon my lovely blog followers,I am sorry I have not been posting as often as I should but my internet hasn't been running as fast as it should(Wireless connector has a hard time picking up a signal),I plan on working on more giveaways,blog posts & more for the upcoming Months of 2010.Want to be featured on my blog? Email me at Burningmoonproducts@yahoo.com with the Title Blog feature,Please tell me what you sell,& provide a shop link.

Today I will be doing my Fourth addition of my Valentine's shopping guide.This year get your loved one something personal & handmade show them how much you love them by getting them something Unique that they will love.

First I would like to present you with gaddynippercrayons.etsy.com who is a seller of a variety of colored & shaped crayons for children 2+.She offers something for everyone from Dora the explorer,to farm animals & even Lego's.

I got to review some of her Valentines crayons:

Her crayons arrived within three days of shipment.Each set of her crayons she makes is packaged into its own little plastic bag along with some "Stuffing" that color coordinates & each comes with it's own coloring book that either goes with what you bought or the Holiday theme that you bought it with.These crayons are nice for beginners who are just learning & for children they are about an inch thick & are 4 x4 inches so they won't snap in half like regular store bought crayons like doing in the middle of a coloring session.My daughter is just learning how to color (Mainly with pens because she is still in the biting everything stage) she has used these crayons on a number of occasions & loves them.If you have children this would be the perfect gift to give them for Valentines day,Easter or even just a random occasion.Seller is very kind & fun to work with custom orders welcomed.Want to WIN some of her heart crayons? Keep an eye out for our Valentines giveaway.

Up next we have a seller from one of my personal favorite categorizes, I would love to present you with InspiredIllumination.etsy.com who is a seller of Candles.She sells candles in many scents,colors,sizes & jars & she Loves doing custom orders.

I got to review one of her amazing candles:

*Note photo taken by seller

Candle arrived fairly fast Each was packaged very safely in a small cardboard box which was placed in the center of some packing peanuts.Candles come with a complete list of every scent she has to order along with candle sizes.She is very friendly & easy to work with while placing custom orders,her candles smell amazing they are made out of soy wax so they reduce the amount of soot made,Soy also makes burning candles easier on your respiratory system.Her candles burn very well & let off just the right amount of scent to fill your house with a nice aroma but not overpowering it to where it makes you take a step back when you walk into that room.If you are a candle lover & have been disappointed in other stores or sellers you have bought from I suggest buying from her,you won't be let down with the product you buy.(Due to limited shipping funds we won't be able to giveaway one of her candles but look for her candle giveaway Next Month).

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  1. Wonderful picks!

    I love the fun shaped crayons and every time I've made them, I've failed miserably.