Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentines Guide Review #4

We are down to our very last two Valentines shopping guide posts before our big Giveaway! So far you have been introduced to eight amazing etsy shops each is just as Unique as the next. My Valentines giveaway is heading your way this Thursday you will get a chance to win some great prizes from the shops that have been featured,Some of the items you will be winning are a Beaded pen,Wine charms,a Key FOB,A Kitty pet tag & More so keep your eyes peeled.

Today I am happy to present you with two more amazing etsy shops,Each sells very different items then the next. First I would like to present you with who sells Handmade Jewelry & Barrettes all of her proceeds are donated towards helping breast cancer victims.

I got to review:

*Photographed by seller my camera is having problems

Her bracelet arrived right on time & in the most adorable packaging,Her bracelet came packed in a small Jewelry box that included "Easter" grass stuffing,A small pink cancer ribbon punch out & a small thank you note.Her bracelet is very well put together is moves freely on your wrist allowing natural movement unlike other bracelets I have tried in the past.Each flower on her bracelet is delicate & beautiful the colors are very rich.I enjoyed her choice in clasp she choose a Close over lobster clasp over a regular lobster clasp which made putting the bracelet on very refreshing since it was so easy to put on without anyone's help.Her bracelets are the perfect length,they will fit any wrist size.I highly recommend her shop,& Remember all of her profits go towards helping cancer patients.*Keep an eye out to win this bracelet in a future giveaway

Second I would like to present you with a shop that is for all my blog followers who have children,I would like to introduce who makes children s shirts,pillow dresses & skirts.

I got to review:

She worked on a custom order for me since my daughters head is a bit large for her age,She made the shirt & had it shipped at a very fast speed.Her shirt is absolutely adorable, the sleeves are my favorite part of this shirt because they are not just a straight sleeve like most children's shirts.The pattern is very nice & the color is Vibrant.The material she used for the shirt is nice & light which is perfect for the summer time heat,It is also very soft with professional stitching you can't even tell that it is handmade.Seller is friendly to work with & recommended to any mother out their with small daughters.

Please don't forget to show your support for your fellow Etsy shops & enter their GIVEAWAY
Click HERE

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Giveaway Madness 1/28/2010

Good Morning blog followers =] Are you ready for a Brand New Giveaway? I have some amazing giveaways set up for all of you for the rest of the month along with some great shop features,Tips on making your packaging look pretty.ways to "Go Green" & Much more.

The first shop I would like to present you with today that has offered a Great card set for you to win is She has agreeed to giveaway a Pack of 5 Assorted greeting cards & Three handmade To/From gift tags.All cards are 4 1/4"x5 1/2" and printed on colored 65 pound card stock. Each card comes with a matching envelope.Interested in buying more? She loves doing custom orders.

What you will be winning:

"I love you more than..." Valentine's Card in pink lemonade perfect to give to your Valentine
"Aged Cheese" Birthday Card in blu raspberry great for any friend's birthday
"Skater Dude" Birthday Card in sour apple a great birthday card to give to any teen or skater
"Bigger the Wish" Birthday Card in grape jelly is a great card for any friend
"Act your Shoe Size" Birthday Card in spearmint is the perfect card for any shoe lover
Also included are 3 handmade to/from tags that are a perfect way to jazz up a gift bag or attach to any gift.

Second I would like to present you with who does a variety of Photography shots including lots of Gorgeous Nature Pictures. She has agreed to give away one of her Photos on a 8x10" crisp glossy print You will be winning Part of her 'Tennessee' Collection, this photograph was taken with her film SLR.

What you will be winning:


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentines Guide Review #3

Good afternoon my lovely blog followers,I am sorry I have not been posting as often as I should but my internet hasn't been running as fast as it should(Wireless connector has a hard time picking up a signal),I plan on working on more giveaways,blog posts & more for the upcoming Months of 2010.Want to be featured on my blog? Email me at with the Title Blog feature,Please tell me what you sell,& provide a shop link.

Today I will be doing my Fourth addition of my Valentine's shopping guide.This year get your loved one something personal & handmade show them how much you love them by getting them something Unique that they will love.

First I would like to present you with who is a seller of a variety of colored & shaped crayons for children 2+.She offers something for everyone from Dora the explorer,to farm animals & even Lego's.

I got to review some of her Valentines crayons:

Her crayons arrived within three days of shipment.Each set of her crayons she makes is packaged into its own little plastic bag along with some "Stuffing" that color coordinates & each comes with it's own coloring book that either goes with what you bought or the Holiday theme that you bought it with.These crayons are nice for beginners who are just learning & for children they are about an inch thick & are 4 x4 inches so they won't snap in half like regular store bought crayons like doing in the middle of a coloring session.My daughter is just learning how to color (Mainly with pens because she is still in the biting everything stage) she has used these crayons on a number of occasions & loves them.If you have children this would be the perfect gift to give them for Valentines day,Easter or even just a random occasion.Seller is very kind & fun to work with custom orders welcomed.Want to WIN some of her heart crayons? Keep an eye out for our Valentines giveaway.

Up next we have a seller from one of my personal favorite categorizes, I would love to present you with who is a seller of Candles.She sells candles in many scents,colors,sizes & jars & she Loves doing custom orders.

I got to review one of her amazing candles:

*Note photo taken by seller

Candle arrived fairly fast Each was packaged very safely in a small cardboard box which was placed in the center of some packing peanuts.Candles come with a complete list of every scent she has to order along with candle sizes.She is very friendly & easy to work with while placing custom orders,her candles smell amazing they are made out of soy wax so they reduce the amount of soot made,Soy also makes burning candles easier on your respiratory system.Her candles burn very well & let off just the right amount of scent to fill your house with a nice aroma but not overpowering it to where it makes you take a step back when you walk into that room.If you are a candle lover & have been disappointed in other stores or sellers you have bought from I suggest buying from her,you won't be let down with the product you buy.(Due to limited shipping funds we won't be able to giveaway one of her candles but look for her candle giveaway Next Month).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a wild month

Good evening to all of my wonderful & faithful blog followers.I would like to start off by saying I am sorry for the lack of posts & giveaways this past month Things on my end have been very busy this month trying to re-catch up on things from the Holiday season.Though let me assure you that I am starting to get back into my swing of things with blogging,promoting,ect.Everyone wants to know a little about the person "Behind" the blog don't they? I know I enjoy reading a bit about each blog owner so some of you might be asking,What have I been up to lately? I have been shopping for new supplies,Writing down ideas for blog posts,promoting,Trying to sell of my Unused Destash sitting in my craft area which Includes beads,sheets of foam,beading wire,flowers for hair accessories making,paper for card making(6 ft rolls) & much more for SUPER cheap I have a ton of it so it's been a busy last two weeks(Interested in any supplies? Message me).

Today I would like YOUR help with an upcoming blog post I will be making within the next month,I would like links to shops or listings that are Recycled from something weather its the entire item or just parts that are added to it, I would also like to hear how you help "Go Green",The people I pick will be featured or Quoted in my blog post [Please leave a comment below to submit your work]

I am also looking for anyone interested in doing a giveaway on my blog please contact me via

I would also like to do a little bit of shameless self promotion,I try to stray away from promoting my own shop on my blog(& haven't in a long time) but there is an Urge in my mind today to share with you some of my favorite items from my shop.
My Two Favorite things I have for sale:

This is my favorite charm bracelet I have made yet,To me it says Love,Romance,Princess,& Adorable I have had many views,hearts & been featured numerous times sadly this beautiful bracelet has not found a loving new wrist to call home.

My Peace & Skull candle holders have always been one of my creations I have adored,I have sold a dozen of these & now have them back in stock for a Limited Time.

Thank you all very much!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Valentines Shopping Review #3

Up first today we have a wonderful shop that sells items for your Fur Babies Please Open
Your arms for Who makes Collar charms for Cats,Dogs & even Matching
Jewelry for you.

I got to review two of her Kitty Collar charms (One for my Kitty & One for you to Win):

Mod's Collar charms Arrived in Three days each was in it's own sealed baggie & Packaged safely in a Bubble mailer.Both charms are very well made each has been hand stamped & made with care & love just for your pet.She can make you a custom charm if you prefer.Each measures 3 x3 Inches & connects to your pets collar with a Silver-tone Lobster Parrot Clasp.Spoil your Fur Baby this Valentines & buy them some new pet "Bling" they deserve love just like everyone else.I recommend this shop for anyone who owns a cat,a dog or even a ferret does your animal wear a collar?Then
this shop is for you.Want to WIN one of these charms? Keep an eye out for my Valentines giveaway coming soon.

Second today I would like to present you with who makes gorgeous beaded pens,Note cards,Journal sets & More all of their items can be Personalized to fit You.

I got to review some of their Beaded pens (A custom pen for me & One for you to Win):

(Please note these are NOT the pens I got to review but a favorite set of mine)

The beaded pens arrived very fast & arrived safely in a Bubble Mailer each has been Individually Packaged along with a Business card.The pens write Amazing,& each one comes with an adorable little bow tied to the cap of the pen(It will match your pen).Each pen has a photo covered in a special type of glass sand,giving them a cute frosted look.If you place a custom order they will have it finished & ready to
ship out within two hours they are very speedy with their work & are top Quality with all of their work.Weather you love to write or you just love pens this is a store for you.Do you sell Journals?Maybe you can order Bulk & get some to match your journals.This store is top of the line.Want to WIN one of these pens? Keep your eye out for my valentines giveaway Coming Soon!

Want to HELP provided even more great giveaways in the future? Due to limited shipping cost I can only host large shop giveaways once in a while but with your help I can do it more often I am now offering small Ad space on my blog if you contact me I can put up your 125 x 125 Ad for Either $2 a week or $5 a month limited spots open a week.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Valentines Guide Review #2

Thank you to all of my wonderful blog supporters who are already fans of my Newest Shopping Guide,which is my Valentines shopping guide being newly started I only have featured two shops so far but I promise you I have some more amazing shops in store for you along with Fabulous prizes to be won at the end of the Shopping guide. Did you know Valentines day is the Second holiday that people spend their money on? This year instead of buying the same old Stuffed teddy bears,box of chocolate or Factory produced gift basket have a look through my gift guide & Help support Handmade items,In my personal opinion it means much more getting a Unique handmade items over something that a hundred other people will get.

Today I would like to bring you the Second part to my Valentines Shopping guide (Every two reviews counts as One part), I am bringing you two more great shops who offer Quality items at affordable prices, All shops volunteer to donate items as part of the Shopping guide I hand pick each shop for all of you to view.

First I would like to present you with who offers Jewelry,Wine charms,Recipes & More.Each item is made with dedication & Love she has a little something for everyone.

I got to review her Fresh Cut Flowers wine charms:

Planning on buying some bubbly this Valentines or gifting a bottle to a family member/loved one? These wine charms make the perfect extra touch to add to any wine bottle. Amy's package arrived within three days of being shipped, Wine charms arrived in perfect condition they were placed into a small padded white box with a gorgeous swirl design. Each of her charms are handmade using clay & each has its own color & flower on them, they may be small but they are very detailed each petal & leaf has been crafted with a fine patience. To finish the look of each charm she has added Two large beads which coordinate with the flower on each charm completing the whole look. Each wine charm is very sturdy & will last you for years to come, help set a romantic mood place a wine charm on your wine bottle, light some candles, place out some roses & have a wonderful Valentines day. Please check out her store by clicking Here Want to WIN some of her wine charms? Keep an eye out for the Valentines shopping guide Giveaway coming in 2-3 weeks.

Second I would like to present you with who sells Hand made earring racks,Vintage items,Card displays & other Home decor items.

I got to review her Earring Rack:

Her earrings rack arrived priority mail & in great condition along with a small note attached to the rack.If you own a lot of earrings or own an etsy shop one of her Earring or card display racks are Perfect for you, I personally use mine for both.Each earring rack comes in 12 inches, 18 inches, and 3ft need a custom size? Feel free to message her. Each rack is sturdy,they are made out of Metal & will not bend or break on you,It also comes with an adorable ribbon that is attached with buttons to the rack you can choose any color you would like for the ribbon.Seller is very kind & reliable this gift would be perfect for a fellow Artist,or just a friend with a lot of earrings Why not buy on & have a few earrings on it already when you gift it?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years & Valentines shopping guide #1

Happy New Years to all of my Wonderful blog followers,You have made my last years blogging experience a great one I hope everyone had a fun & safe night.I have a lot of fun things that I have started planning for this year to help Improve my blog for all of you.Were you a fan of my Holiday Shopping Guide created to give you an in depth look at fellow Etsy stores & their products to give you some fun & cheap options for gift buying? Everyone loved my shopping guide & giveaway so much that I have decided to compose a Valentines Shopping Guide for all of my great blog followers.Each year a majority of people do not know what to get for their loved ones I am hoping to fix this by showing you some cheap Etsy stores you can shop from for your Valentines gifts they will not all be going with the mushy heart theme so no need to fret about that.I will also be hosting a giveaway at the end giving you a chance to win some of the items features here,Want to HELP provided even more great giveaways in the future? Due to limited shipping cost I can only host large shop giveaways once in a while but with your help I can do it more often I am now offering small Ad space on my blog if you contact me I can put up your 125 x 125 Ad for Either $2 a week or $5 a month limited spots open a week.

Let's get started with our First Valentines Shopping Guide Review I would like to start off by presenting you with a good store for both the Guy or Girl in your life,I would like to introduce you to who sells cutting boards & clocks.

I got to review a Kitty shaped cutting board from their shop:

The cutting board arrived promptly on time,& was in very securely wrapped in bubble wrap inside of a thick cardboard box.The Cutting board has a very nice color to it almost looks like Cherry wood,or Maple the cutting board itself has been covered with a coating of Mineral oil to give it a nice smooth feeling & to keep it looking brand new.Either side of the cutting board can be used but I have found the Kitty too cute not to use its front side,Cutting board is very easy to use & doesn't slide around a lot like store bought cutting boards.I use my cutting board for regular everyday use & it has been holding up very well,If you eat a lot of cheese you could also use it to cut & serve your cheese on.This seller has a good & usable product for very fair prices,please click the Link seen HERE to visit this shop.Don't like the kitty shape? This seller offers a Shape for everyone including seasonal shapes such as Snowmen,Pumpkins & Hearts.

Second I would like to present you with a small etsy store that sells Artsy prints & jewelery please check out

I got to review one of their beautiful ACEO cards seen below:

*Photo Taken by shop owner

This ACEO card arrived within two days & was neatly packaged between to small pieces of cardboard to keep it safe,The seller also included a Business card & a cute thank you note.This small card has a lot of small fine details to it such as her eyelashes & eyebrows each ACEO is a print of a larger version available for sale.Cards are about the size of the palm of a hand,any of her cards or prints would be good to frame & hang in a bedroom or living room.Perfect for any special someone on your list who enjoys a bright & detailed painting or print.Please check out by clicking on her shop's name.Want to win this ACEO card? Keep an eye out at the end of the Shopping Guide for a chance to win this item.

*Special note: All review items have been donated by shop owners specially for this Shopping guide.
I hope you all enjoyed the first two shops on my little shopping guide as I did,I will be bringing you more wonderful shop reviews,along with giveaways,fact posts,& More. Want Your Item Reviewed? Please contact me at or Please include "Blog Review" or "Blog ad space" in your email/convo to me. THANK YOU