Friday, December 18, 2009

Cheap home activities

Today I wanted to share some great Activities you can do at home for cheap with your children during their Winter Break. If you are short on cash but want to do something fun with your kids this winter break don't worry there are plenty of things you can do that will cost you very little,as well as some very helpful websites that can help you find cheap things to do in your area. Do you have a zoo close to you? Did you know that most zoo's host a FREE zoo day once to twice a year,I was very happy when I found this out & googled my local zoo unfortunately we already missed the free day but I have high hopes for next year.

Too cold to go outside? Why not make some cookies for scratch,its fun easy & cheap to make(Most dollar stores have everything you need,flour,sugar,ect) it is also one of the best memories your children will keep with them for the rest of their lives.Try mixing it up by adding cinnamon,ginger,chocolate chips, kisses or anything else you have a liking for,Sprinkles & frosting are always fun to mess around with as well, If you have an old plastic container that is flexible you can use a knife to cut out a flower design,peace sign or anything else your creative mind can think of & then take a baggie full of frosting cut the tip of one side of the bag off then hold or fold the pattern under it for cute designs on your cookies(or cakes/cupcakes)

When I was a kid I used to like making gifts to give to friends or family on birthdays,Christmas,ect such as cards,ornaments,boxes & more. You can make them out of practically anything I used to cut the bottom of a soda can out making sure none of the edges were sharp them I would glue two of them together to form a 3d ball & I would glue pictures to them to give to families for their Christmas trees which they all still own.Another activity that is fun & cheap is finding interesting shaped rocks or "pet" rocks & painting them or gluing eyes,ect to them. If you google cheap activities you will find many free sites that are helpful with planning things to do. I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Holidays! Saving Tips for the Holidays

I want to start off by saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone no matter what December holiday you celebrate,The holidays are always full of such love a lot of people really get into the holiday spirit & lend a helping hand to those less fortunate,co-workers & boss's are happier & friendlier if only everyone could have this kind of attitude year round that would make a huge difference.One thing for sure about the Holiday season is it makes our wallets very thin & makes us all have to think about how to spend our money & get the most out of it.So here are a few idea's for saving Money this Holiday season.

Did you know you can make Ornaments out of Cinnamon & Applesauce?How to steps are easy to find all over the internet,one your "mix" is made you can use a cookie cutter or a knife to create your own ornaments that will last for years to come,this is a Great family craft & its fun for everyone no matter what age you are.Another great way to decorate your house or your Christmas tree is to take some thin fishing wire or string & string popcorn onto it & hang it up,it is cheap & easy to make.Want colored popcorn strings? Food coloring works great.Want to eat it after? Why not make some popcorn or rice crispy balls & wrap them in plastic wrap until its time to eat them,Another cute decorating idea which you can eat is to take a piece of foam in a tree shape then use tooth picks & gumdrops to make a cute little tree for everyone to see & eat.

Short on Money for gifts? If you don't get the newspaper or weekly store ads i would suggest going out to get one there are many stores offering amazing stocking stuffer deals,Micheal's craft store has 200+ stocking stuffers for under $5 everything from toys,to craft kits,Target has a very nice dollar section as well,I myself got a screw driver that came with eight interchangeable head bits & it is also a flash light for my fiances stocking for only $2 found at Target.Want a variety of items? Do you have an Etsy store? why not do some trades with other shops for items you can use for gifts or stocking stuffers? The only thing it will cost you is the amount your item cost to ship,& it will help both you & the other shop owner save money & get some great gifts for the Holidays. I hope EVERYONE has a Happy & Safe holiday season!

Have any Money saving tips of your own? Leave a comment here & You could be included in this post or one of my upcoming blog posts.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giveaway Thursday MAKEUP giveaway

Let me first start off by saying Wow you are in for a very nice treat today,I am bringing you a giveaway that all of you makeup loving girls will drool over.But first we need to announce the winner of last weeks Giveaway who will be winning A 100g/4oz tin of Earl Grey Creme tea,A Adult flapper style hat & A pair of Cupcake Earrings, Congratulations to Number 35 Carapace Your the Lucky Winner!

Now what you have ALL been waiting for, This week I will be Reviewing Orglamix Who has Generously offered TWO lucky winners one of her Three color collection(s) of Makeup. She has many different collections such as the Rainbow Sherbet collection & The Twilight collection

Let me start off by saying her Makeup is Amazing! For many years I have been a Makeup Junkie I have tried Numerous brands & colors, Some have made me very upset with the price I paid & the results I got when applied. Cheri (The Owner of Orglamix) has created a great one of a kind brand that truly does come out Exactly like shown in the pictures, Her shades are Bright & Vibrant or if you prefer a More modern look she has lighter tones & darker tones of every color you can think of.Mineral makeup is good for your skin as well, Most makeup leaves your eyelid with a heavy feeling & make you really aware that your wearing makeup in the case of mineral makeup it is light enough it gives you the "pop" your looking for with your outfit but it is also light enough that you can hardly tell your wearing anything, It last all day & is easy to remove at the end of the day. Cheri's makeup line can be used either as Eye shadow or as Eye liner,No matter how amazing her eye shadow is though we don't want to forget about the other great products she offers she also makes & sells Foundation,blush,makeup brushes,Primer & will soon be coming out with other great items & shades of each There is a color & a foundation for every skin tone, Don't know what shade would be best for you? She has pre made makeup kits for every eye color & will work with you to find the perfect foundation shade for your skin tone.I personally love & Enjoy all of her shades I have recently won a contest myself & Now own her whole collection(Doesn't include her new line coming out), Prior to the giveaway I owned about 14 of her shades & use them all the time.I suggest Cheri's store to everyone I know who wears makeup,I show off her shades all the time it is well worth the money, Why not buy one & give it a try?

Now onto the GIVEAWAY, Not one but Two lucky winners will be receiving Three eyeshadow shades of your choice similar to the one below:

The collection pictured above is my favorite out of the collections she has it is called, Pacific Paradise