Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Shopping Guide Part 17

With the Holiday season fast approaching that means were getting to the last shops on our Holiday Shopping Guide, Once that is over I will be hosting a Large giveaway worth $40+ dollars & you will have many ways to enter. Since it is November already & I would like to put up the giveaway early enough for everyone to have a chance to enter I will be doing double posts.Keep an eye out for discount codes & Codes for freebies. We are getting VERY close to the date of the Big Giveaway only a One more review to go!

Today's first review is on who makes personalized decor items.

Here is what I got to review:

Tile arrived very fast & packed so that nothing would happen to it,it also came with two different colored ribbons to hang it with.This is the cutest tile I have ever seen,The raccoon in the first train cart is precious I couldn't ask for anything more she did everything to exactly what I wanted,she is super easy to work with.Want a great personalized gift for the holidays? I would definitely stop by & take a look it will be worth your time weather it's your son,daughter,grand daughter who ever this stop is perfect for everyone on your list.Use the code "BlogSilly" in note to seller for a 10% Refund.

Second I will be reviewing who makes Crochet items for babies,toddlers,kids & teens

Here is what I got to review:

*I got mine in blue but this baby was too cute not to post

Hat arrived very fast & looks super adorable it will make the perfect gift for my friends new baby boy being born in a few months,Hat is soft & made out of a nice material & holds really well. She is easy to work with when it comes to colors & sizes she can make you any color & size combo you want,weather you have a new baby a toddler or an older child her store has something special to offer you,looking for hats or scarves? No problem her store has what you need & is a suggested stop on your Christmas shopping list.


  1. Very cute! I love the hat! I'm going to check out the shops now.

  2. So cute!!! These would make great gifts!! Especially the hat for my nieces and nephew.

  3. I also love the baby hat and wish there was one for adults too !