Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Crazy Turkey Thursday Giveaway!

(Yes it is 30 Minutes until Thursday but I didn't want to wait lol) It is Once that time again, Today I will be Announcing the winner of my previous giveaway of $60+ worth of Jewelry & we will also be posting A Brand New Giveaway! & Don't forget this Saturday I will be posting the Christmas Good Bag giveaway! Lot's of fun this week. If you did not win the last giveaway don't worry I have Plenty more coming your way Including 2 goodie bag(Saturday),Mineral makeup & More!

The winner of our last giveaway is #31 Jillian Congratulations! the sellers will be Contacting you shortly to get your shipping info.

Thursday Madness Giveaway!
During today's giveaway you will get a chance to win A 100g/4oz tin of Earl Grey Creme tea,A Adult flapper style hat- You choose which two colors you want & A pair of Cupcake Earrings. Prize worth $45+

First I would like to present to you Who makes Hats,Scarves & more for Children & Adults. Keep warm this winter with one of her adorable hats or get a scarf in your favorite color just in time for the Holiday season. You will be Winning the hat pictured below & the best part is YOU get to pick which two colors you would like your new hat to be.

Second we have who makes a number of different Tea's. Warm up this winter with a Nice hot cup of Tea from IvyKeep snuggle up on the couch with your favorite blanket & book maybe even a movie & you will be set to Enjoy the Holiday season.This is What you will be winning from them (A 100g/4oz tin of Earl Grey Creme tea):

Last not not least we have Who makes earrings,charms & necklaces out of clay. Each piece she makes is unique in its own way. Her cupcake earrings & charms are super adorable. You will be winning this pair of cupcake earrings from her(She made them specially for this giveaway) :

How to Enter:
MAIN ENTRY Follow this blog & Post here with a way to contact you - 1 Entry
2. Visit & Post your favorite item here - 1 Entry
3. Heart - 1 Entry
4. Buy an item from - 5 Entries
5. Visit & Post your favorite item here - 1 Entry
6. Heart - 1 Entry
7. Buy an item from - 5 Entries
8. Heart - 1 Entry
9. Buy an item from - 5 Entries
10. Post your favorite item from - 1 Entry
11. Visit & Post your favorite item here - 1 Entry
12. Heart - 1 Entry
13. Buy an item from - 5 Entries
14. Visit & post your favorite item her - 1 Entry
15. Buy an item from - 5 Entries
16. Heart - 1 Entry
17. Post why you would like to win this item - 1 Entry
18. Tweet about this giveaway post link here,Remember to add @Burningmoonprod - 1 Entry per day
19. Blog about this giveaway,Leave a link here - 2 Entries

Giveaway will be over on December 3rd,2009

Want me to Host a Giveaway for you? Contact me at Or Thank you!

Don't Forget to Enter my other Giveaway For A bag stuffed full of Hand made Etsy Items! LOTS to be won!!! Bath bombs,jewelry,scrap book supplies & More

Click HERE

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Helpful Hints for getting Sales on Etsy!

I know this was posted a while ago but I will be making Small updates to this list since Many Etsy owners still visit here to read my tips New tips will have a RED mark next to them.

They are not in any specific order,some you may not have thought worked but they do, Here not even a year later I have hit 210+ sales & 700+ Hearts on my etsy store,Don't give up hope. You CAN do it too.

Helpful Hints:
1. This hint is more like a rule,Promotion is KEY. You might ask,well what are some ways I can promote my shop?
A.) Myspace,Facebook,Twitter,blogs,ect
B.) Any time you see someone who has a "fill this out to be picked to be featured","free promotion",or anything along the lines of that fill it out,it can't hurt anything
C.) Make business cards,many sellers will include your cards with their orders as a kind of "Please have a look at these shops also" gift package
D.) If possible make a flier or two,hang them up at local community colleges,or malls that get a lot of traffic always remember to make sure it is okay with them first
E.) Family & friends may come of help to you here,If they truly like your products let them wear it around,give them a business card or two for when someone asks about where to buy one
F.) I have found twitter really does work I have not received any sales from it yet(That i know of) but on the days that I do tweet my store traffic goes up by 100-300 views so it does help Boost your store traffic.
G.) Buying AD space can really boost your views,sales,fans & site traffic

2. When listing your items: Make sure to keep an eye on what time of day it is,if its too early not as many people will be on,If listing more than one item space them apart by at least an hour more people will see your shop this way.
A.) Renewing your items, You don't have to go crazy & renew your products ten times a day to get looks,Once maybe twice a week would be just fine relisting isn't the key promotion is.Plus whats the point of spending $3-$6 relisting an item your only going to sell for $5,I have found that Renewing hardly helps at all if your Lucky you will get 2-15 new views

3. Host a giveaway You might be thinking why? Who doesn't love a giveaway,a chance to win a free hand made item? Weather you host a give away on your blog or on the etsy forums it Will draw people to your shop,it will give you an Increase in traffic,it will give you hearts & possibly some sales.
A.) Would you like me to host a giveaway for your store on my blog? Leave a comment here with contact info,Message me on my Etsy or my Email (Please make title line Blog Giveaway)

4. Make a blog You might have been like me in saying "Ah who needs a blog?", Blogs actually do help bring interest to your shop. If a teenage female is browsing blogs & spots a pretty set of earrings she likes & reads about a give away on etsy but didn't know what etsy was before reading your blog,Then right there it is bringing in out side members to view your products.Always remember you can't expect people to find your blog out of thin air you Also need to visit other blogs if you follow them & comment them most will follow or comment you back.

5. Chat Chat & Chat some more, Yes it sounds silly at first but it works,if you hang out in the chat rooms or the forums you will meet many new friends,& future costumers if they like what they see.You may not think this works but it in fact does I have received a custom order from participating in a thread called "Would you buy from the store above you?",Also check out the Alchemy section for products you might be able to make

6.Photographs are very important to your customers, If they photo distracts them from the item they may want to leave,If you have a very natural color say a pebble or rock pendant I would not suggest placing them on other rocks to photograph them instead try a nice background or maybe grass. If you have a bright product don't make the customer over whelmed by adding a bunch of other colorful items to the photo it will draw their attention away from what you want it to be on.

7.Join a BNR - A BNR stands for Buy n Replace I know your thinking why should I buy to be able to sell? BNR's are actually very helpful let's say you spend $5 on someone's shop then you will get any where from 3-5 points (most uses stars or hearts to show points),Each point is One person who will buy from your shop,so not only will you get the $5 you spent back but you will also get more back from the other sales you have made,ALWAYS remember to look for the newest list of stores to shop from they are usually on the last few pages of the BNR thread chat in the thread you have entered.BNR's will get you sales,hearts,views & make you new friends.* Be sure to talk to a few of the members BEFORE you join some BNR's can really screw you over if your not careful look for a trust worthy bnr*

8.Product Description, Although your Product description Doesn't need to sound like a magazine ad there are a few Key points that should be added to your Item description Always remember to list the measurements of the item no matter what it is,it will have a Height & Length & Width.If your product is shown on a model & its NOT the same item your customer will be getting let them know that the item on the model is for modeling purposes only & they will be getting one that has never been worn.Some of the items other do Not like seeing worn by others before they buy them are Earrings & Hair accessories Usually everything else is fine on a model.

9.Place an Ad or two ,Most blogs will offer Ad space for little or no money if you can find someone who is offering free slots take your chance & Seize it they are usually hard to come by.I find it easiest to post an ad or two on blogs that offer cheap add space,the more followers the better views your shop will get.Want to place an ad on my blog? You can put up your 125 x 125 ad on my blog *Please visit the Promotional Information section for Details,I get over 4100+ Unique visitors a month *. Limited slots open each week please message me for more info.Profits go towards Buying more items for Giveaways on my blog & covering shipping.

****10. When shipping your products,I would suggest getting Delivery Confirmation for your packages that are worth $20 or over this will help both you & your customer feel more secure about getting their items,Tracking Confirmation costs $0.80 But remember you can not get Delivery Confirmation for certain countries.
A.) I have heard that if you know your customers FULL zip code it helps the postal service sort the mail faster & it will help your package reach its destination faster I have just recently began doing this & it seems to help. You can use the following website to find out their full Zip code:

***11.Product Review*** ,98% of the time a Product review will bring you Tons of views & some sales to your shop from which ever blog you decide to do a product review with(My blog is Product Review friendly),What is a Product Review? A product review is where you would send a item or items from your shop to Me for me to review,I give my opinion with 100% Honesty about my thoughts on the Product(s) sent in to review.Some of the information that will be included in the Review are: Shipping speed,Packaging (If its in something fancy such as a gift box or cute bag it will be mentioned),The experience I had working with you,Things about the actual item will include Texture,Feel,Smell,Colors(Vibrant,Dull,ect),Materials used & What I think about the item.Some information on your Shop/Site will also be included in the review along with Pictures of the item I reviewed,Extra links to your products. *Products for a Review are supplied from the seller Free of charge*

Looking for cheap,but nice business cards? If you look at you can get free business cards,address labels,stamps,magnets ect as long as your pay shipping (No it doesn't cost an arm & a leg). I use vistaprint & have not been disappointed yet.

I hope this helps some of you out there,Leave me a comment with your feedback please.Selling on Etsy takes time,patience & money in at the start but it will all pay itself off in the end.

If anyone is interested I like making Promo packs for other stores on Etsy I am Always looking for Business cards & samples to include in these., If you would like me to include your business cards & or samples please contact me either on etsy,my email or my blog & I will let you know where to send them please include "Promo" in the subject title,I use these to pass out at Craft Fairs,With orders,At crafting parties & More its great exposure & helps You gain sales.I wish you ALL the best luck in the world,You all have a great seller in you now its time to release them.

Supply Shop: www,

Friday, November 20, 2009

Big Bang Christmas Goodie Bag Giveaway!

Love winning Prizes? Still have a few people left on your Christmas shopping list? Then this giveaway is for You! ONE lucky winner (Due to limited postage this month Only one person will be able to win Sorry! but I will be giving away Another goodie bag In January full of LOTS of nice items) will win a Goodie bag Jam packed full of special goodies & treats from the shops on My Holiday Shopping Guide. This is a perfect opportunity to find a new favorite shop,get some gifts for friends,family or even yourself.Contest will start on November 21 & end on December 13th Giving it 11 days to reach you before Christmas (will only take 2-4 days) There are 30+ Entrees available for you!, please leave Each of your entrees on a Separate comment, If the way to enter says 2 Entrees & you do that way to win please post TWICE for that so you get all the entrees you deserve.

Special Note: The stores with One star ---> * <----- by their name means in their review is a special code for a discount on their store. Two stars ---> ** <--- Means they have a special code for a FREE item with purchase,A heart ---> ♥ <--- Means that one of their items is inside the Goodie bag you will be winning. You will be winning items from some of these stores along with other Prizes from stores not on the list. List Of Holiday Shopping Guide Featured Shops: -Photography, & Book marks -Jewelry,Hair accessories,candle holders & More ♥ -Bath bombs & Scrubs ♥ * -Beaded pens,earrings,ornaments & More * -Childrens accessories -Photography, & Book marks ** - Jewelry,Baby/adult hats,cards & More - Crochet for babies,toddlers,kids & teens - Moss gardens,Plants,Seeds & More -Resin necklaces,earrings,rings & More ♥ * -Printable scrap book paper,note pads & More -Pillows,Button framed boxes,& More * -Crayon rolls,Doll clothing & More ♥ * - collars & leashes for cats & dogs -Pendants,Trinket dishes,Cheese cutters & More -baked goods & sweets -personalized decor items -Palm wax candles - Jewelry -Childrens accessories * -scrabble pendants,key chains,& bobby pins * -Ceramic pendants & art work ♥ -Handmade photo cards & custom designs ♥ -Sandwich bags,Tooth fairy pillows & More ♥ - Candles,Bath items,Incense - Baby clothes,Wash cloths -Jewelry - Decorative soaps ** - Hair clips,cards,tea towels & More ♥ ornaments,gift tags,cards & More Unique Cross Stitch Designs and Gifts * -Hooded towels,changing pads & More -Holiday Ornaments ♥ - Bags,Purses & Chocolate - Jewelry -Reusable napkins ♥ -rings,bracelets,necklaces & earrings

Here is what You will be winning (PLEASE NOTE not everything you will be winning is shown in the photographs,Number next to the item indicates how many of that item you will get) :
Goodie Bag #1

Whats in it?
4 magnets - By Frecklesgalore
A ring - By Dannieglam
2 pairs of earrings - By Dannieglam
Crocheted makeup remover pad - By MariaKonstanin
4 soap samples - By SoapThatMakesScents
2 matchbook note pads - By BrossARTaddiction
A matchbook note pad -By MegsBags
2 Bath bomb samples- By Bathgasm
3 Hair clips - By BurningMoon
2 Ceramic Pendants - By Kmcgiveron
2 Christmas ornaments - By Stylishornaments
4 Friendship bracelets
Thank you card - By
Post card -By punkscrapper
2 Temporary tattoos & Nail decals -By ElectrikPinkPirate
2 Cloth napkins - By TableScapesCompany
3 Christmas tiles
Book mark
Car window Decal
Plus other random little goodies!

-NOTICE Though these bags do have similar items from the same seller,each bag has a complete different color/style/shape then the other bag will have.Also includes Two business card for every store in the goodie bags,One for you & One for a friend.

How To Enter:
1. MAIN ENTRY: Follow this blog & contact info- 1 Entry
2. Heart - 1 Entry
3. Comment on One of the Holiday reviews(Must comment on the actual review Not this post) post here which review(s) you commented on- 1 Entry PER review you comment on
4. Heart a shop that is featured in the Guide - 1 Entry PER shop you heart
5. Buy an item from one of the shops on the Guide - 10 Entries
6. Buy an item from - 10 Entries
7. Post your Top Three favorite shops from this guide - 1 Entry
8. Post your Top Three favorite Items from this guide - 1 Entry
9. Post your favorite item from - 1 Entry
10. Post telling which section your favorite reviews are (bath,candles,jewelry ect) - 1 Entry
11. Twitter about this giveaway (Don't forget to put @Burningmoonprod ) - 1 Entry PER day
12. Blog about this giveaway,Post link here- 2 Entries
13. Post why you would like to win this giveaway - 1 Entry
14. Post what you will do with the prize if you win - 1 Entry

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday Shopping Guide Part 18

As many of you know I have been posting shops from Etsy for the last Two months for A Christmas/Holiday shopping guide each shop offers something Unique & affordable for you & the special loved ones on your shopping list.These reviews give you an In Depth look at these shops,It will go over how fast they will ship to you,gift wrapping,& over all quality of the work they do.This holiday guide will be followed up by a Goodie bag Giveaway which will contain items from a variety of stores in the guide.Today is the Last review for the guide,Sad but that means that the giveaway you have all been waiting for will be posted on Saturday.The giveaway will have more than 25+ ways to enter Which will give you a nice chance of winning on of the goodie bags.

Today I will be reviewing who makes Baked goods & Sweets such as Muffins,Cookies,& More.Have a sweet tooth? This shop is for you!

I got to review some of her delicious cookies

Her Package arrived promptly on time & packaged very professinoally in a cute white & pink box marked with her stores logo.Inside each of the three flavors of cookies were packaged separately in clear baggies marked with name & ingredients lists of each cookie.These cookies tasted amazing I got to try Andes Creme de Menthe Chunk Cookies,Simply Snickerdoodle ,&
Chocolate Spice,They were so soft & just melted in your mouth you would have to try them to know the joy they bring haha.They would make a perfect gift for anyone,of any age on your list, My favorite was the Andes Creme de Menthe Chunk Cookies it didn't have an over powering mint flavor like some treats do cut had just enough to give you that cool winter feeling in your mouth,My fiances favorite was Chocolate spice at first I wasn't too sure how a mixture of spices inside of a cookie would taste but they were very sweet with a hint of Cinnamon & My almost one year old daughter loved them all.We are looking forward to buying from this seller in the future.

Second I will be reviewing Who makes Pendants,Trinket dishes,Cheese cutters & More

I got to review:

Package arrived fast,& the trinket dish was wrapped safely so that no harm would come to the little trinket dish. Dish is absolutely adorable perfect for an office desk,bath room counter,dresser top or any other place you can think to stick it.It has actually come in amazingly helpful in my craft area I use it to sort out beads,keep pieces I am working on on it & More. But they offer more than just trinket dishes they also offer Pendants,Earrings,Cheese cutting boards & More.This shop offers some great gifts for mom,dad,aunts,uncles & anyone else who enjoys little trinkets or cheese,Plan on buying one of those meat & cheese gift baskets? This would match perfectly with it.If you put BM in note to seller they will refund you 10% of your purchase

Third I will be reviewing Who makes Handmade photo cards & custom designs

I got to review:

Her packaged arrived relatively quick,Bubble mailer was marked with all appropriate tags so that the mail person(s) would know not to bend it.Inside of the bubble mailer the Thank you cards were all placed safely inside of a protective plastic sheet so that they would stay safe during their journey to their new home.Her Cards look amazing they are very durable & come with matching envelopes.These would be great to send after a baby shower,with your orders or any other occasion you need a thank you card for.If you stop by her shop I am sure you will find a card set you will fall in love with.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Shopping Guide Part 17

With the Holiday season fast approaching that means were getting to the last shops on our Holiday Shopping Guide, Once that is over I will be hosting a Large giveaway worth $40+ dollars & you will have many ways to enter. Since it is November already & I would like to put up the giveaway early enough for everyone to have a chance to enter I will be doing double posts.Keep an eye out for discount codes & Codes for freebies. We are getting VERY close to the date of the Big Giveaway only a One more review to go!

Today's first review is on who makes personalized decor items.

Here is what I got to review:

Tile arrived very fast & packed so that nothing would happen to it,it also came with two different colored ribbons to hang it with.This is the cutest tile I have ever seen,The raccoon in the first train cart is precious I couldn't ask for anything more she did everything to exactly what I wanted,she is super easy to work with.Want a great personalized gift for the holidays? I would definitely stop by & take a look it will be worth your time weather it's your son,daughter,grand daughter who ever this stop is perfect for everyone on your list.Use the code "BlogSilly" in note to seller for a 10% Refund.

Second I will be reviewing who makes Crochet items for babies,toddlers,kids & teens

Here is what I got to review:

*I got mine in blue but this baby was too cute not to post

Hat arrived very fast & looks super adorable it will make the perfect gift for my friends new baby boy being born in a few months,Hat is soft & made out of a nice material & holds really well. She is easy to work with when it comes to colors & sizes she can make you any color & size combo you want,weather you have a new baby a toddler or an older child her store has something special to offer you,looking for hats or scarves? No problem her store has what you need & is a suggested stop on your Christmas shopping list.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Madess Giveaway!

It is Finally the time you have all been waiting for the Winner of my last giveaway of A Custom Initials sterling silver cloud (You pick initial) & A hand made ring Prize worth $45+ ,We had a great number of entrees,thank you to everyone who entered for those who didn't win don't feel bad we have more Gorgeous goodies in store for you to win. The winner of my last giveaway Is number 103 Mizz Snape Congratulations! Both shops will be contacting you shortly for your mailing info.

Thursday Madness Giveaway! Think PINK!
During today's giveaway you will get a chance to win Three lovely prizes two from one shop ,& one from the other shop that are featured here, Prize worth $60+

First I bring you Who also Owns,She sells fine jewelry & a lot of lovely Vintage items. You will be wining these items from her:

Necklace with a Vintage center piece

Vintage brooch pin both worth $45 together

Second we have Managed by Ann n Mich, a pair of twins located in Asia, Singapore,They makes an assortment of jewelry & cell phone charms.You will win this from Them:

Pink Sakura Materials: 14k gold plated ear wire, crystal pearls and swarovski crystals,Worth $16

When entering if the Way to enter says it gives you more than one entree please post each entree in a SEPARATE comment, for example if you blog about this giveaway you get two entrees so in one comment you would post "blogged this #1" then in another put "blogged this #2" to get all the entrees you deserve

How to Enter:
1. Follow this blog & Post here with a way to contact you - 1 entree
2. Visit & Post your favorite item here - 1 entree
3. Heart - 1 entree
4. Buy an item from - 5 entrees
5. Visit & Post your favorite item Here - 1 entree
6. Heart - 1 Entree
7. Buy an item from - 5 Entrees
6. Visit & Post your favorite item here - 1 entree
7. Heart - 1 entree
8. Buy an item from - 5 entrees
9. Heart - 1 entree
10. Buy an item from - 5 Entrees
11. Post why you would like to win this item - 1 entree
12. Tweet about this giveaway post link here,Remember to add @Burningmoonprod - 1 entree per day
13. Blog about this giveaway,Leave a link here - 2 entrees

Giveaway will be OVER on November 25th at Noon,Winner will be posted November 26th
Want me to Host a Giveaway for you? Contact me Via etsy or Via email at

Monday, November 9, 2009

Holiday Shopping Guide part 16

With the Holiday season fast approaching that means were getting to the last shops on our Holiday Shopping Guide, Once that is over I will be hosting a Large giveaway worth $40+ dollars & you will have many ways to enter. Since it is November already & I would like to put up the giveaway early enough for everyone to have a chance to enter I will be doing double & Tripple feature posts. Keep an eye out for discount codes & Codes for freebies. We are getting VERY close to the date of the Big Giveaway only a few more reviews to go!

Today in Honor of our last giveaway of $45 worth of beautiful jewelry (Last day to enter is November 13th Click here To Enter I will be reviewing Three shops that offer some very unique jewelry.

First I will be reviewing Who makes beautiful rings,bracelets,necklaces & earrings.

Here is what I got to review:

Packaged arrived pretty fast & was well packaged,She does a great job with communication to make sure you get a ring that fits your finger, This ring is beautifully made & does not irritate the skin.It is just enough "POW" to give your out fit a bit of flare but not enough to draw those "what was she thinking" looks, After you put it on you can't even tell your wearing the ring it isn't bulky at all which is a major plus. Want a custom wire wrapped ring? This is the place to go.

Second I will be Reviewing She makes tons of scrabble pendants,key chains,& bobby pins & can do custom work.

Here is what I got to review:

*Note I got an orange one just like this but this was too gorgeous not to post here

I got this extremely fast & it was packaged so nothing would smash the adorable little pendant waiting inside.Pendant looks great,Thin line of diamond glaze no extra on the sides,all edges are smooth & there are no bubbles or bumps.Pendant came on a nice sterling silver ball chain which is a plus for those who don't have anything to put their pendants on.Pendants are professionally put together & look nice would make the perfect gift for anyone on your list.use Promo Code "HOLIDAY09" for a 15% off discount on Your total order before shipping

Third I bring you a very unique shop with a very sweet shop owner,

I got to review:

*The one above is my favorite from their store I got to review their cracked bark pendant & flower power

Package arrived fast,each pendant was packaged & wrapped all by itself for protection.Pendants are adorable thick enough that if dropped they won't break.Pendants are very well made & have a very nice color to them.Pendants easily fit onto any type of chain or cord you might have & has a small hole for if you want to put a larger ring on it to hang off of a larger chain.Looking for a cute unique pendant? Come have a look at this shop it is great all different colors & shapes for you to choose from.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Holiday Shopping Guide part 15

With the Holiday season fast approaching that means were getting to the last shops on our Holiday Shopping Guide, Once that is over I will be hosting a Large giveaway worth $40+ dollars & you will have many ways to enter. Since it is November already & I would like to put up the giveaway early enough for everyone to have a chance to enter I will be doing double & Tripple feature posts. Keep an eye out for discount codes & Codes for freebies.

Today I will be posting about Two wonderful shops who offer beautiful & unique Christmas ornaments. First I will be reviewing Who makes ornaments for all occasions.* Keep an eye out her items will be in the giveaway at the end of the shopping guide

Here is what I got to review;

*Note this is just an image of one of her products I misplaced the photos of the items she sent (they are already in the goodie bags that are being won at the end of the guide)

Package arrived fast in great condition each one was wrapped in its own little wrapping paper to keep them safe from harm. Each ornament was unique in its own way & super cute. They are very sturdy & have vibrant colors.She makes baby girl,baby boy,stars,bells,Christmas trees & More I am sure she can cook up any shape you want your ornament to be,Have a look at her shop you might find an ornament you can't live without.

Second I will be reviewing She makes ornametns,gift tags,cards & More

Here is what I got to review:

Packaged arrived fast & secure in its very own cute little box that had padding it in for protection,this would be a perfect gift to give someone who just moved into a new house or an apartment or even for an ornament exchange & Can I just say WOW at first from the photo I thought the ornament was made out of metal but gone to find out it is tightly quiled paper I am amazed at some of the work they do I myself would not have the patients for it, Package also can with a very cute Gift tag with a Christmas tree on it. Looking for a very unique Christmas ornament that is sturdy? Check out her shop you won't be dissapointed in what you see.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holiday Shopping Gudie Part 14

If you are one of my followers you know that I will be writing a few reviews on Etsy shops,as a Christmas Shopping Guide Every few days - Every week I will be doing a Feature on a shop & Reviewing their item(s) for you to read & Enjoy Hopefully you will find something your looking for I myself have bought one or two items from the shops I have looked through from reviews,At the very end of the reviews I will make a post linking to all the reviews for you to look through I will also be having a Goodie Box Giveaway with LOTS of prizes,these are some great Reliable shops with good quality items that are worth the money.

Today I will only be doing a Double review,Todays review is on She makes Beaded pens,earrings,ornaments & More

Here is What I got to review:

& A red/black pen that looks similar to this one

Packaged arrived fast & was packaged very neatly & safely.Her Beaded pen looks great its just the right amount of cute without being too flashy, She has regular beaded pens or you can get a Twilight inspired beaded pen,She also does custom requests they come with 12 refills so that your pen will last you for quite some time. I personally love her items I have ordered quite a few of her beaded snowflake ornaments & plan on buying more before the holiday season really hits. I would suggest this shop to everyone & anyone it is very much worth your while please check her out.If you type "BMFS" in the message to seller box during checkout she will Refund your shipping costs via Paypal
Want a chance to win some of her items? Click Here

Second I will be reviewing She makes Pillows,Button framed boxes,& More

Here is what I got to review:

Her pillow arrived very fast & it was a lovely surprise because I didn't know which I would be getting,Pillow is very pretty & very comfy I have gotten quite a few compliments on it from house guest & friends that stay over for the night.Her store is not only limited to pillows though she makes a lot more than pillows please check out her shop you might just find something that catches your interest.Store is recommended to anyone who wants to spiff up a new house or a bedroom in your house.If you use code "BMBG9" in note to seller during check out 10% of your purchase will be refunded

Please don't forget to Enter my Current giveaway to Win $45 worth of Jewelry
Click Here to Enter

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night!

Halloween day/Night was pretty hectic & pretty busy as I know many other parents must have been. The day started off pretty good though I took my daughter to a little Halloween thing at Micheal's craft store she got a cute little pail & a Halloween balloon,Getting to be at Micheal's was a plus because I got to pick up some Halloween items for my daughters scrap book i am working on for .25-.99 cents each!!!! I want to hit targets sales as well but there was no way I would have enough time, After all the running around i had to do we had to rush to get ready but everything turned out looking fine. My fiance,Our daughter (Who turned 10 Months on Halloween! YAY),Myself plus a group of friends all went out for a night of fun.

Left to right: Myself,My daughter & My fiance
We went as Final Fantasy Characters: Lulu,Cait sith & Zack fair

My daughter looking adorable enjoying her First Halloween

Trying to get the babies ready & trying to get our group together to go out was entertaining we had three cars full of people one was a truck who's cabin was full of people.My daughter was a little shy when we went up to doors but then as we walked away she would start talking & laughing it was cute.

Some of our friends that gathered at our house to get ready before we went to get everyone else.

At the end of the night my daughter found a sucker in her treat pail & ended up falling asleep on the drive home with it in her hand it was so cute.Though the night had some rough points everything turned out good. What did you go as?