Friday, September 25, 2009

Holiday Shopping Guide Part 7

If you are one of my followers you know that I will be writing a few reviews on Etsy shops,as a Christmas Shopping Guide Every few days - Every week I will be doing a Feature on a shop & Reviewing their item(s) for you to read & Enjoy Hopefully you will find something your looking for I myself have bought one or two items from the shops I have looked through from review.Our last issue was about our wonderful &,At the very end of the reviews I will make a post linking to all the reviews for you to look through I will also be having a Goodie Box Giveaway with LOTS of prizes,these are some great Reliable shops with good quality items that are worth the money.

Today I will be Doing a Double Whammy! As usual haha,Today I want to bring you a little photography for your home.First i will be reviewing She takes gorgeous photos of scenery,animals & plants

Here is what I got to review:

Photo arrived within a few days,Photo was lovingly packaged in a clear wrap & then taped between two pieces of card board major plus for keeping a photo in perfect condition,She also included "Do not bend" which sadly you have to do or else the post people tend to bend them to get them into your boxes.Her print is gorgeous & looks even better sitting right in front of you then it does on her etsy account. At this time she is doing a Buy One get One FREE! I got a cute little butterfly print,Take advantage while you still can her photos will add some sophistication to your home,or office.A recommended store in my book.

Second I will be reviewing She takes gorgeous photos of scenery,animals,Plants & more

Here is what I reviewed:

Photo arrived quickly,In a cute little photo protector sheet inside of two card board pieces,She also wrote "Please do not bend" on her package that's a plus for her from me.Her photo compliments my living room very nicely it fits in with the other photo's & posters I have but it "Pops" out and says "Hey Look at how pretty I am",She has quite a few photo's listed at her site If I could I would buy more from both shops on my review.She also sells Book marks with her photo's on it,perfect for your loved ones that enjoy reading & fancy photography.I would recommend this store to anyone looking for a great photo to accent their walls with.

I would also like to thank For the blog button she made for all of those who are on my Christmas Shopping Guide lets give her a big thumbs up!


  1. Tough decision on which I like best. They are both beautiful in their own way.

  2. Emma aka EmmieloustudiosSeptember 25, 2009 at 8:05 AM

    I love both of these sellers, their prints are gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Very pretty photos and good-looking blog! I like the gift guide idea!
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  5. Great photos you got to review. I really like the purple flower.

  6. I love the flower! Such beautiful detail!

  7. I love the picture of Paris.. makes me want to go back and revisit again. Love that city! ;)

  8. Great Blog! Can't wait to read more!


  9. i LURVE the vintage look of ChelseaVictoria's photos ~ SWOON

    thanks for the heads-up on this new favorite shop!

  10. As a photographer, I am so glad that you reviewed and given attention to these artists! Such beautiful work!

    Mary Alice

  11. That's fantastic photography! I love the color of the flower in the second picture! And how the photo really captures it so well =]

  12. Great Review on very talented Photographers...lovely shops!!