Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

Good Morning loyal blog readers, It is once again another Tuesday & That means it is time for a New featured Etsy artist. Remember this is a random event I put all the names that applied to be featured into a hat & Pick one (sometimes two) out if you didn't get in this week Apply again for next week's spot.

This weeks Artist Feature is Leona of Deelights, She opened my Etsy shop in May 2009. She sell ooak handmade jewelery pieces & She is currently offering free worldwide shipping on any purchase from her shop.

My Favorite Pieces from her shop are:

Her Aqua wrap bracelet &

Her green heart pendant.
Visit her shop at:

Want to be Featured next week? Fill this out & leave it in the comment section:
Name & shop name:
Short bio:
Whats your fave item in your shop?

Also Please visit my shop & have a look at my newest items,Thank you burningmoon.etsy.com Keep an eye out tomorrow I will be hosting a Giveaway.


  1. Beautiful jewelry! I am very picky when it comes to jewelry and you have picked some great pieces to feature.

  2. Thank you Shabby I am picky too when it comes to jewelry.

  3. Very nice blog here!
    I'd love to be featured on your blog, if you like my shop!
    Megan Eckman, Studio MME
    I'm currently an undergraduate in the art and English programs at Minnesota State University Moorhead. I set up my shop in January to meet my mother's goals of starting a career before graduation.
    You can find my shop at www.studiomme.etsy.com

  4. Name: Freda Cheung
    Shop name: mykonos
    Short Bio: I love crafting and I would like to share my favourite items to other girls!!
    Favourite item: doggie cake topper
    Link: www.mykonos.etsy.com

  5. Your blog is great!!! I'd love to be featured sometime.

    Name and shop - Bianca Moscatelli / biancadenise.etsy.com

    Short Bio - I'm a NYC girl that majored in photography, but also loves jewelry making, silkscreening, baking, playing drums, and trying new crafts on a regular basis. I set up shop last October and have learned so much in the process from my fellow Etsians.
    My fave shop item - 'I'm seeing this in a mauve' color print at biancadenise.etsy.com
    The link to my blog is - championofthesun.blogspot.com


  6. I really like your blog! I'd love to be featured.

    Name and shop: Katie Wilmore, ThimbleKiss

    Short Bio: Born and raised in Savannah, Ga. Took off on an adventure with a hot Greek and have lived in several states since. I just started my etsy store and blog so I'm really trying to get my footing in this crazy web of things. I'm a nanny to (almost) two year old twins. I have two dogs and enjoy avocados. Blood type B+.

    My favorite item in my shop: The Alice. It takes a real woman to wear a giant flower in her hair. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=28211633

    Link to shop: www.thimblekiss.etsy.com

  7. Great blog :)
    And I really like that bracelet
    I'd love to be featured..

    Name & shop name: My name's Shea, but you might as well just call me Sheabalina like everyone else! :) My shop is sheabalina.etsy.com

    Short bio: Crafting has always been a huge part of my life, from macaroni necklaces in kindergarten to learning to crochet at the age of 16 to my etsy shop today. I'm inspired by nearly everything in the world around me, and I love being able to share what I create with people. Etsy gives me the chance to share what I create. (and maybe a make a little money so I can keep on creating :P)

    Whats your fave item in your shop?: Any one of my new cards, just listed this week. They were inspired by the city of New Orleans, and they're made partially of recycled paper!

    Links: sheabalina.etsy.com