Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Helpful Hints to great deals & Freebies!

Do you like Bargain hunting,great sales,Free products,& Cheap merchandise? In this blog post I will be going over some helpful hints & sites that can get you some great deals on items such as clothing,books,food,beading supplies & more.

To start off this post Many craft makers know about this site but it is a surprise how many people don't if you head over to Oriental trading You can a lot of cheap beads,scrap book supplies & more,if you sign up for their mailing list they send you coupons which save you even more.

Easy savings at Walmart, If your not in a Hurry to get the items you are wanting from walmart i would suggest looking at their online site, Most of their items are cheaper online & most have .97 cent shipping If you pick it up at the store which is still cheaper then buying it at the store for Example online their twilight books are $4 with shipping to store it is $4.97 if you go to the store(walmart) they cost almost $8 which doesn't include taxes.

Also if you shop at Target keep an eye on their $1-$2.50 Section (generally it's right where you walk in from at the front of the store) lately they have been having a 75% off that section on certain color dots(next to each price tag is a certain color dot),you can get cards,stickers,head bands,ribbon,note books & much more for .25-.62 cenets I got a super adorable tote bag for ONLY .62 cents what a Deal huh?

Now for a little bit about FREE stuff!! Yes you read that right it says FREE
If you don't already know of any sites that give you links to free products I will provide you with two of my favorites to visit, the first is Imommies
great site for moms provides links to great freebies for mom's as well as children/teens & pets. The site is run by a mom for mom's or Dad's who are looking for some good deals. The second is Totally Free Stuffhas over a hundred links to free things anything from candy samples,shampoo samples,free cd's,posters makeup ect & all Totally Free. I myself have gotten free things from both sites,You just have to wait for something you want to pop up both sites update daily so keep your eye out. If you like to Twitter they both have twitter & you can follow them to find out what new links were posted for that day.Know of any other sites? Post them in a comment for us All to share in.

Hope this post has been helpful for some of you,or at least for those of you who didn't know about some of these deals & freebies. Also don't forget to enter my Giveaway to win some free stuff.


  1. Great tip about Oriental Trading. I love buying crafts for my preschoolers .

    I wish we had a Target near us. *cries*

  2. I'll have to check out the two sites you posted today.

    I love saving money! I ordered samples fom the Walmart site I spoke of in my comment on your blog yesterday.

  3. Very informative...nice blog.

  4. OMGosh, thanks for all those sites, I am going to check them out right now!

  5. Burning - if you get this message, check in with Shea on the BNR. You haven't been on for awhile and when we go to your shop it says you no longer have an active account. We are worried about you!!

  6. I absolutely love the $1 section at Target! Unfortunately there is no Walmart close to me. I always forget Oriental Trading Co for little gift bags and such! Thanks for the great post!